Shiv Sena fields the man accused of shooting at Umar Khalid in Haryana elections

Shiv Sena has defended Dalal´s actions by calling it his way of “showing patriotism”. Dalal calls himself a "Gau Rakshak" and a "nationalist".

Naveen Dalal, the man who was accused of trying to shoot at Umar Khalid in Delhi during a public programme is now Shiv Sena candidate from Bahadurgarh, Haryana. The Haryana elections will be held on October 21st.

In August 2018, Dalal along with Darwesh Shahpur attempted to shoot Umar Khalid the JNU student activist near the constitution Club in New Delhi. According to witnesses, two shots were fired but Khalid escaped unhurt because the accused gun jammed.

Both the accused fled the scene but were arrested after they uploaded a video saying the attack was an “Independence Day gift” for the country. The Shiv Sena candidate is out on bail at present. The case is pending in a sessions court.

Shiv Sena has defended Dalal´s actions by calling it “it was his way of “showing patriotism”.

Dalal calls himself a “Gau Rakshak” and a “nationalist”. Since his ideology “matches” with that of Sena, he joined the party six months ago.

In a statement to Indian Express, Dalal said-  “We are fighting the same battle — for nationalism, cow protection and recognition for our freedom fighters,”

He feels that both BJP and Congress governments havent done enough for farmers, martyrs, cows or the poor. “They are just interested in politics.”

Shiv Sena leader from Haryana Vikram Yadav confirms his candidature and said they chose him because of his stance on cow protection and “anti-nationals”

Naven Dalal has three criminal cases pending against him including the Umar Khalid case. He had once barged into BJP headquarters with a severed head of a cow. He is also booked under a rioting case in Haryana.

Both BJP and Shiv Sena are banking on the nationalism and cow protection rhetoric in the upcoming assembly elections.

Both the accused had tried to kill Umar Khalid because of the misinforamtion campaign run by BJP IT cell, claiming that JNU students are chanting anti national slogans in the campus. During investigation it was found that the video was indeed fake and court has dismissed all charges against both Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid. Despite the truth being out in the public, the sell out and Godi media continues to refer JNU students as TUkde Tukde gang. While the person who is attempting murder is roaming scot free and contesting elections.


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