Sexual Violence on a Minor Girl From Sringeri: Most of the Accused are of Sangh Parivar

Most of the accused are affiliated to Bhajrangdal, Sangh Parivar and the Bharatiya Janata Party.

A minor girl from Sringeri in Karnataka was being raped by more than thirty men. Eight of the accused who are from Sringeri have been arrested. Most of these thirty people are affiliated to Bhajrangdal, Sangh Parivar and the Bharatiya Janata Party. 

The girl who is aged fifteen is from Haveri district was visiting her aunt who lives in Kunchebailu village of Shringeri taluk. The girl was there after the sad demise of her mother. A local crusher in the village along with his friends kept violating the girl sexually. They threatened her of sharing the photos and videos of the act on social media and had silenced her. This group of men continued to sexually assault the girl for a year. It is being said that, the girl’s aunt was involved in it and had forced the girl into sex work. 

The police have filed a complaint against Small Abhi from Kikre village; Rajesh, Amit and Girish of Anegundi village; Manikantha, Vikas, Nemmar Sampath from Holekoppa village; Narayan Gowda, Ashvath Gowda, Abhi Gowda of Sringeri; Santhosh of Kurubagere; Deekshith from Heggade; Santhosh from Herur; Niranjan from Kigga; a bus driver Khandya Yogish. The girl’s aunt is been listed as the sixteenth accused. The police has also filed a FIR against the owner of the crusher for employing a minor and he is the seventeenth accused in the case.  

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Most of these accused are affiliated to Sangh Parivar. Small Abhi (because he used to smoke small cigarettes) who is the prime accused identifies himself as part of the Sangh Parivar. Manikantha is a member of BJP yuvamorcha in Sringeri. Vikas is related to a BJP Jilla Panchayat member. Sampath, reportedly is a member of Sanatan Sanstha. The photos of them being associated with the Sangh Parivar are getting viral on the social media.

Sampath Ginikal (Bajrang Dal activist)

District Child Welfare Committee rescued the girl. Subrhamanya, the chief of the committee spoke lodged the complaint. Pramod Kumar the Superintendent of Police of Shringeri speaking to the said,  “police have registered a FIR against seventeen people including the aunt of the girl and the owner of the crusher. They have already arrested eight of the accused. We are investigating the rest of the accused.”

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A complaint was filed against the owner of the crusher for employing a minor. During the investigation of this complaint the girl was rescued from the crusher in Gochavalli. The girl gave a testimonial of the brutal sexual assault during the counselling; She named fifteen of the perpetrators and also said that her aunt was facilitating the assault.

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A local resident said that there was a good chance of the accused and arrested using their influence and remaining untouched. They also noted that the police should take measures towards avoiding this happening. 

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First published in and translated by Yogesh S 


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