Even after ace Music Director of Kannada film industry, Hamsalekha tendered apology for his remarks on Dalits and meat consumption, the controversy is refusing to die down as the people associated with Rightwing ideology are still raising the issue.

Interestingly, while a section of hardcore-Hindutva followers are standing against Hamsalekha, the veteran director is also getting supporting from various quarters including people from Kannada film fraternity.

Now, actor and activist, Chetan Ahimsa who is known to be vocal on several people-centric issues, has thrown his weight behind Hamsalekha when he is facing criticism from Rightist people.

It is no surprise that after the actor expressing solidarity with the Music Director, he has also become target of rightwing critics.

After his statement, some people had filed a complaint against Hamsalekha at Basavanagudi police station in Bengaluru.

The Music director was asked to visit the station for investigation.

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Actor Chetan also joined the director which apparently angered the followers of Hindutva ideology.

It may be noted that while only a handful of Kannada actors have stood for Hamsalekha, Actor Chetan has openly supported him.

Chetan has said that Hamsalekha has been targeted by the same group of people who targeted the actor sometime back.

“ Even Hamsalekha is being booked under the same laws that I was booked. Interestingly his case has also been filed in the same police station”, he said.

This is the reason why, some people associated with Rightwing ideology were opposing the arrival of Chetan at the police station.

Chetan, who has been identifying himself with any events or incidents that highlights social justice, has been facing the wrath of pro-Hindutva followers.

They have filed a case against the actor for criticizing their ideology.

The actor who has been preaching and propagating the thoughts of Buddha, Basava and Ambedkar, has remained apolitical. He has been having arguments with the right-wing people as he believes in questioning several deep rooted customs which he thinks are anti-human and anti-Constitution.

Chetan, who represents Kannada film industry, has been standing for Hamsalekha. This has angered the same group of people who have filed a case against the Music Director.

Chetan, who overcame all the hurdles and resistance of Hindutva followers, spoke of his mind at the police station after reaching.

“ It is not the question of mere vegetarianism or non-vegetarianism. It is a bigger question of protecting the basic tenets of Indian Constitutions that is Right to Expression. Those who did not like the statements of Hamsalekha, are still filing complaints against him even after tendering an apology which is clearly unacceptable”, he said.

He said that various pro-Kannada, Dalits, Farmers and Women’s organizations will be joining the march.

“ We will not tolerate the attacks on Hamsalekha. Whether you like his stand or not, he has the right to speak”, Chetan asserted and appealed to people to join the march of solidarity.


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February 2024


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