Samyukta Kisan Morcha Special Bulletin: Guidelines For Chakka Jam

SKM appealed people also to join in the chakka jam at 3pm tomorrow.

Kisan Morcha

SKM gave a call for Chakka Jam on 6 February. In the previously released statement, SKM noted, it appears that the government is extremely fearful of the rising tide of support for the ongoing protest from different states of India. SKM condemned strongly the arrests and detention of many protesters in different police stations and the seizure of vehicles of farmers. Scores of people are reported to be missing and this is a matter of great concern to us. To ensure that more people do not join, to cut off the coordinated functioning of the Morcha, to project images of violence so that ordinary people stay away and to crack down on protesters through fabricated charges and arrests, while the real criminal elements go scot-free without any arrests and concrete police action so far, reveals the fact that the government is very scared of the increasing support to the movement.

Some important guidelines are being issued to ensure that nationwide chakka jam is peaceful. SKM requests the public in India to kindly cooperate.

1. Only national and state highways across the country will be jammed from 12 noon to 3 pm.

2. Emergency and essential services like ambulance, school bus etc. will not be stopped.

3. Chakka jam will remain completely peaceful and non-violent. Protesters are asked to not to indulge in any conflict with the government official or ordinary citizens.

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4. There will be no chakka jam program in NCR of Delhi since all the protest sites are already in a chakka jam mode. All roads for entering into Delhi will remain open except where farmers’ protest sites are already located.

5. The chakka jam program will conclude at 3pm by indicating the unity of farmers, by blowing the vehicle horn continuously for 1 minute. We also appeal to public to join in, at 3pm to express their support and solidarity with our anna datas.


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