Safoora Zargar Granted Bail on Humanitarian grounds

The Delhi High Court today accepted her bail plea on 'humanitarian grounds'.  She is 23 weeks pregnant.


Safoora Zargar, Anti-CAA Activist and Student at Jamia Millia Islamia was granted bail this day.  She was granted bail on the third day hearing of her fourth bail plea.

The Delhi High Court today accepted her bail plea on ‘humanitarian grounds’.  She is 23 weeks pregnant.

Safoora’s bail applications were rejected three times earlier. She had been taken to custody under a case, which alleged her connection with the Delhi Riots. She was imprisoned at the Tihar Jail from April 10 under the most stringent of laws, the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act.

Delhi Police earlier made case for rejection of her bail plea on grounds that 39 deliveries had taken place in Delhi Prisons over the last decade.

Safoora was part of the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act in various parts of the national capital and organising anti-CAA protests in the Jafrabad area, where the majority of participants were women.

In the earlier bail hearings, Zargar’s counsel argued that she was only holding legitimate and peaceful protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act in accordance with her constitutionally guaranteed fundamental right to speech and expression. Even assuming the prosecution case to be true for the argument case, there is no ground to invoke the stringent provisions of UAPA, the counsel argued in the alternative.

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