Rajinikanth Dissolves RMM After Indicating Re-entry into Politics

On Monday actor Rajinikanth decided to dissolve his Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM). However, his fans will continue to undertake welfare measures via welfare clubs.


On Monday actor Rajinikanth decided to dissolve his Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM). However, his fans will continue to undertake welfare measures through his original Rajinikanth Fans Welfare Clubs. The actor returned from the US last week after a health check-up, and met RMM district secretaries and other office-bearers in Chennai.

Before the meeting, he had stated that he is yet to take a decision on whether to enter politics or not, after discussing with the members of Rajinikanth Makkal Mandram (RMM). This announcement comes after his announcement to halt his entry into politics, seven months ago.

“Questions about whether the Mandram should continue or not; what are the duties of the Mandram hereafter and whether I would be entering politics in future or not are lingering in the minds of the office-bearers of RMM as well as my fans. I will discuss these issues with the office-bearers of RMM and after that, will let you (reporters) know the decisions taken.” As per the actor’s statement.

The actor, on December 29, 2020, in a three-page statement, announced that he would not be entering politics. This came after indication from him that same year, that he would contest the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections in 2021. “With profound regret I say that I will neither be launching my political party nor entering politics. Nobody can understand my pain in making this decision,” the actor had said.

Rajinikanth is not new to politics as he has usually been associated directly or indirectly with the two Dravidian parties in the state over thee years. An example of this is the 1996 TN legislative Assembly Elections where the DMK-TMC alliance predicted to win due to the anti-incumbency of the AIADMK government headed by Jayalalithaa. Jayalalithaa during this period was accused of amassing wealth and also spending exorbitant amounts on the wedding of her foster son, during a period of financial struggle in the state. Rajinikanth joined the campaign in support of DMK. During one of the campaigns he said, “Even God cannot save TN if AIADMK comes back to power.”  Many political analysts credit Rajinkanth as one of major reasons for the defeat of the then AIADMK government. Since then Rajinikanth support has often been decisive in influencing voters opinions whenever an election is being held in TN.

Many speculate on Rajinikanth’s hesitancy in TN politics, his constant delaying, and unclear ideas on revitalizing Dravidian politics, has led to people loosing faith in his political career. “People no longer seem to trust him and many are of the opinion that he should remain in cinema and entertain the masses.”

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