Rahul Gandhi meets the family of the Delhi Cantonment Rape and Murder case

"The tears of her mother and father say just one thing - their daughter, the country's daughter, deserves justice." Rahul said.

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Delhi: Amidst the ongoing protests for justice for the 9-year old Dalit girl who was raped and killed, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi visited the girl’s family to convey his condolences and support.

The 9 year old girl was raped, killed and forcibly cremated by the priest and three of his accomplices of the neighborhood crematorium. The girl belonged to a poor Dalit family and lived near the Dargah and had gone to the crematorium to get water.

Rahul Gandhi who had tweeted on Tuesday that “The daughter of a Dalit is also the daughter of the country” went to pay his homage to the girl and console the family.



The Congress leader told ANI that “I spoke with the family, they want justice & nothing else. They’re saying that justice is not being given to them & they should be helped. We will do that. I have said that I am standing with them. Rahul Gandhi is standing with them until they get justice.”

Condemning the injustice meted out to the little girl, Gandhi said his constant support will be provided to the family. “The tears of her mother and father say just one thing – their daughter, the country’s daughter, deserves justice. And I am with them in this path to justice,” Gandhi tweeted after meeting the family.

On Monday evening, she had been to the nearby crematorium to fetch water from the cooler. Later in the evening, her parents were told that their daughter had died from electrocution while drinking water from the cooler.

The parents were advised by the priests and his companions to not reach out to the police saying that her organs might be harvested during postmortem. The parents initially agreed and the girl’s body was forcefully hurriedly cremated. However, the parents doubted foul play and informed the police later.

The neighbours also gathered and beat the three culprits, who then confessed of having raped the girl. All four culprits are in custody of Delhi Police.

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April 2024


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