Protecting Hindu religion does not mean snatching away someone’s food: HD Kumaraswamy

Kumaraswamy said he will launch state-wide foot march if Bommai govt fails to take action against VHP, Bajrang Dal within a month


Former Chief Minister and JD(S) leader, H. D. Kumaraswamy has asserted again that he still stands with his statement made against Bajrang Dal which is accused of distributing handbills against ‘Halal’ meat.

“ My stand is absolutely clear and strong against these elements which are hell-bent on destroying the unity and social harmony in the name of caste and religion”, he remarked.

He  said that there is simply no question of tolerating people who are creating communal disturbance under the pretext of protecting the religion.

Kumaraswamy who has  shared his views on a social media account, has quoted lines of Naada Geete (State song).

“Sarva Janangada Shantiya Tota” Karnataka is like a garden of peace belonging to all communities and not the personal property of VHP or Bajrang Dal.

“ These outfits are nothing but the followers of a political party. They have no idea about what is Hindutva and Hindu culture”, he said.

Stating that protecting the religion does not mean snatching away someone’s food, it also does not mean setting a peaceful place on fire, not creating communal divide and making it a broken clay pot, a nation means people and their aspirations”, he said.

Advising VHP not to become Vishawa Vinashak (Destroyer) Parishad, he said that the ideologies of Bajrang Dal should not become that of terror.

Kumaraswamy said that the Hindu religions have survived for generations and it will survive in future also.

Accusing the members of these outfits of not coming to help people during Covid pandemic, while others served people irrespective of their religious beliefs.

“I have my strong reservation for the people like you who look for publicity even during deaths of people. Is this your religion? The performing of last rites of Union Minister, Suresh Angadi who died of Covid, is just a glaring example of how your government treated the people who died of Covid. Everyone has seen how his last rites were performed through the media”, he retorted.

He also asked whether protecting religion means instigating for violence and violating prohibitory orders imposed in Shivamogga?

“ I have asked it clearly to take tough action against all anti social elements. I have asked the government to put those people behind the bars who have created controversy over Hijab and the violence that erupted later”, he said.

“ Shivamogga is the land where Kuvempu was born, the writer he spread the message of peace and harmony. But these outfits are creating trouble in such a place”, he said.

Alleging that these outfits have no respect for the nation and the constitution, he said that for them, people are a bait to create communal disturbance. A real Hindu will never divide the society, Kumaraswamy said.

Demanding the government to take action against these communal forces, Kumaraswamy said that he would give a month’s time to the BJP government to take action.

“Else I will start a foot march across the state demanding action against these anti social elements”, he said.

He asked who is VHP to decide who should eat what and where they should do their business, he appeals to Hindu youth not to fall prey to this communal agenda.

Wondering whether any Muslim country in the world has even sent lakhs of Indian Hindus working in their nations, he asked what will happen if these nations start sending Indian Hindus back to India?



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