Prof. Hany Babu denied medical attention for eye infection in Taloja Jail

The statement stresses that immediate medical attention be given to Mr. Babu, as well as transparency when it comes to cases where serious illnesses are involved.

Hany Babu
Hanny Babu, who has been in custody since July 2020, has been suffering from acute eye infection with barely any medical attention. Source: The Caravan

Professor Hany Babu has been suffering from an eye infection in Taloja Jail, and the jail authorities have not provided him with adequate medical care.

Hanny Babu is currently an undertrial prisoner, booked under the UAPA for alleged involvement in the Elgaar Parishad case. His eye infection has reached a point where he has little to no vision in his left eye owing to the swelling. His wife and brothers also fear that the infection might reach his brain, the effects of which could be fatal. He has also not been able to even wash his eye, as there is water shortage in the prison; instead he has been forced to address the swelling with soiled towels.

His partner Jenny Rowena in a press statement elaborated his ordeal in prison. Hany Babu started experiencing pain on May 3rd; He requested for consultation and treatment with a specialised doctor as his condition couldn’t be treated with the existing prison services. The police delayed taking him to the doctor; He was finally taken several days later on May 7th, after his lawyers emailed the superintendent. Following this the police delayed taking Mr. Babu to follow-ups that were recommended by the doctor. The police have chalked the delays up to not having availability of escort officers. It is only after his lawyers have put pressure on the police, that any action has been taken regarding his health.

His family has barely received any responses from the prison. They are fearful for his life. They have asked that immediate medical attention be given to Mr. Babu, as well as transparency when it comes to cases where serious illnesses are involved.

“Through the last few days, we have been beside ourselves with anxiety. The thought of Hany Babu having to beg for something as basic as essential health services is heart wrenching. Even today, we were unable to get a response from the prison, despite repeated calls by Ms. Roy. We fear that an opaque system will do irreparable damage to those locked up within as well as locked down at various places.”

Mr. Babu was arrested by the National Investigation Agency in July of 2020, and has been in custody since, without any trial. There are currently 16 others who have been arrested in the same case (Elgaar Parishad), without trial. The police have claimed that all of them have links with the banned CPI(Maoist), even though many of these arrests have been carried out with little to no evidence against the accused.


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