Postcard News, Dragged Late Actor Puneeth Rajkumar To Spread Islamophobia 

Postcard, the Rightwing hate factory spread rumors that Muslims decided to do bandh on the day of actor Puneeth's birthday thus insulting him.

Puneeth Rajkumar

Puneeth Rajkumar was a beloved actor, superstar of kannada cinema. It was his birthday yesterday. Postcard News, known as  ‘fake news factory’ for spreading false and fabricated news to spread hatred against Muslims and Christians this time used Puneet’s name and memory to spread their propaganda.

This time, the ‘BJP propaganda machine’ and its editor, Mahesh Hegde has dragged the name of Kannada superstar late Puneet Rajkumar to target Muslims of Karnataka.

The website has come under criticism for unnecessarily linking Hijab protests with the release of ‘James’ the last film of Puneet.

It may be noted that after the High Court of Karnataka gave the verdict staying on the hijab Ban in PUC colleges, Muslims organizations who were upset with the order and called for Karnataka Bandh on Thursday.

Interestingly, the date coincided with the date of the release of the Late actor’s film. The website tries to exploit this incidental situation to spread lies and project Muslims in a bad light.

One can see that the release of the film and protest for Hijab have no connection. But the website took the protests by Muslims to spread its poison against Muslims.

The website has uploaded some pictures of release of the film and Bandh called by Muslim unions to instigate people and foment tensions.

Puneet was popular not only for his acting skills, but beyond that, he was loved by people because of his kind and generous nature. The website obviously doesnt care for what kind of person Puneeth Rajkumar was and dragged the late actor in his filthy agenda.

“ It is an insult to Puneeth Rajkumar who was an ambassador of peace. Why Muslims chose to call for Karnataka bandh on the birthday of Puneeth. By doing so, Muslims have insulted the soil of Karnataka”, says the website in the posters that have been uploaded on the portal.

Meanwhile, several  netizens have reacted sharply to the attempt of the portal  to spread communal venom by linking two different events.

“ Everyone is clearly aware of what kind of people you are. You fall under the category of such people who try to burn the houses to get warmth. The Muslims have nowhere insulted Puneeth. They have only asked the people to volunteer for the bandh and shut down their business activities. On the contrary, it  seems that you are insulting Puneet while spreading lies”, said Amar, one of the netizen.

While the Karnataka BJP government has made the film ‘Kashmir Files’ tax free in the State, the film which is perceived as a BJP propaganda, the netizens of Karnataka have wondered why BJP government did not make ‘James’, the last film of the late actor Puneeth as tax free.

“ By not making Puneet’s film tax free, the government of Karnataka has insulted the late actor. If you have guts, talk about this”, one of the netizens asked this to the editor of the website.

They have asked Hegde not to spread communal hatred in the name of Raj Kumar’s family in Karnataka.


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