PM Modi: ‘We have to beware of “Andolanjeevi” and “Foreign Destructive Ideology”‘

He has described 'some people' as 'Andolanjeevi' who, according to him, move from protest to protest, and are engaged in movements.

PM Modi addressed the Rajya Sabha today, and has talked for close to an hour and a half about many aspects such as Farm Laws, COVID-19, the Opposition and Border Tensions.

While talking about the farm laws and protests, he has said that the Congress Party is playing double standards, and it has taken a U-Turn. He has quoted Manmohan Singh in which he approves of the need for reforms, and has said, ‘The Congress Party should be happy that Modi is doing the reforms which Manmohan wanted’. He has spoken on the issue with a sense of inevitability, and has said, ‘someone will have to do it’, and ‘farmers need to be explained that it is important for “improving” agriculture sector’.

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Hitting out at Left parties, he has said that even Congress in its years had faced opposition from them and was called ‘American agent’ for bringing reforms in agriculture.

PM Modi has also attempted to bring some new words. He has described ‘some people’ as ‘Andolanjeevi’ who, according to him, move from protest to protest, and are engaged in movements. He calls them ‘parjeevi’ (Parasites). He has also said to fellow parliamentarians that ‘wherever they rule they’ll get some of them’. This is in the context of the farmers protest, in which lakhs of farmers across the country have been protesting against the introduction of the big corporates in farming and storage. He has said to beware of them, identify them, and not let them grow. The Prime Minister has also talked about ‘Foreign Destructive Ideology’, and has said that “India needs to beware and save itself from this FDI”.

Lastly, PM also said a few words about the border tensions at LAC. He said that the government has a ‘firm stand’ on the situation, and there is no question of border security.

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July 2024


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