Peru Election Results Delayed, Peruvians Take to the Streets in Protest

Peruvians took to the streets to challenge the scrutiny placed on result of the presidential election due to voter fraud claims by right wing Fujimuri.

Peru Elections

Lima: Even after the conclusion of Election results in Peru last month, the President has still not been announced. Thousands of Peruvians took to the streets on Tuesday, and many are said to protest today as well, to challenge the legal scrutiny placed on result of the presidential election, due to flimsy claims of fraud by Right Wing Candidate, Keiko Fujimuri.

According to the official results of the June 6 elections, Leftist Pedro Castillo obtained a lead of 44,000 votes over Keiko Fujimori.

Electoral authorities are still scrutinizing ballots. The process however is to be completed by July 28 when the new President is to take office.

During protests, citizens voiced their rejection of the selection of new judges for the Constitutional Court (TC). These right-wing juries aim to take control of the Parliament and declare the June 6 elections as null.

Peru Elections

There have also been rallies and demonstrations by supporters of Fujimori so as to back her claims of voter fraud.

There has been a lot of public pressure to stop the recounting of results and to declare the President. However, the electoral judges continue to analyze the legal claims presented by Fujjimuri, despite very little evidence presented from her side.

“I call on the electoral authorities to respect the popular will in this country”, said Pedro Castillo. He stated that he rejects the anti-democratic actions of the Peruvian economic and political elites, which have taken over the entire election.

Fujimori’s adamant challenging of the result has lost some backing with allies appearing to pull support due to the delay. The interim government in place has also rejected her appeal for an international audit of the vote.

Fujimuri Supporters held demonstrations on the other side of town. Source: El Observador

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