Parliamentarians React Over Rahul Gandhi’s Disqualification

There have been several instances where PM Narendra Modi and BJP have commented relentlessly on not just Congress but Nehru Gandhi family.

Rahul Gandhi- adani

In a bizzare turn of events, India’s parliament on Friday disqualified opposition Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi as a lawmaker after a lower court found him guilty of defamation and sentenced him to two years in prison.

This has shocked not just congress party but majority of parliamentarians. On Thursday, 23rd march,  a Surat Court in Gujarat convicted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, in a 2019 defamation case for his remark “all thieves have Modi surname”. He was sentenced to two years in jail for the offence, PTI reported. Lok Sabha has taken a decision based on the lower court verdict.

Gandhi was granted bail in the matter by the trial court and the sentence would remain suspended for the time being to enable him to file appeal.

The news of Rahul Gandhi disqualification has brought a storm in Indian political scene. Congress tweeted on its twitter handle.

The letter from Lok Sabha Secretariat has been sent to President’s office, PMO, Rajya Sabha Secretariat, Election Commission, Central ministers, all the departments of Indian government, Kerala’s chief election officer and Estate officer of Parliament’s office.

After the Rahul Gandhi’s disqualiication, he might have to vacate his official home on 12 Tuglak Lane.

Statements have come from all across the political spectrum from Left wing party CPM leader Sitaram Yechury calling the use of defamation to throttle opposition leaders.

Shiv Sena leader Uddhav Thackrey and RJD leader Tej Pratap Yadav have also condemned the act as direct murder of democracy.


Rahul Gandhi has been on the target of the BJP for a long time. Since coming to power, PM Narendra Modi has kept on commenting on Jawaharlal Nehru and Congress along with Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi every now and then. Even after spending crores on its propaganda, BJP failed to show Rahul Gandhi as “Pappu”. After Bharat Jodo Yatra, emergence of a mature Rahul Gandhi has been cause of trouble for BJP.

Rahul Gandhi can still challenge the Surat court verdict in High court and if there is stay on verdict his Lok Sabha membership can be saved. He can also go to Supreme Court. But if doesn’t get a stay order on the verdict, he might not be able to fight elections for next 8 years.


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