Our struggle to save democracy will continue: Actor Chetan

Nobody is unquestionable in the democratic system, thus I will continue to question from the Ministers to judges as it is my constitutional right, said Chetan

“ My struggle will continue. Our clear objective is to save our democracy”, declared actor and activist, Chetan Ahimsa.

The actor who was arrested on charges of posting an objectionable matter in his tweet by Sheshadripuram police, got released on bail on Monday evening.

The crowd and his fans began cheering, chanting slogans soon after he was released. Hundreds of people including several activists who had gathered to receive him, celebrated by beating drums, showing flowers and lifting the actor over the shoulders.

Later, speaking to media persons, Chetan vowed to continue his fight against forces that are destroying the social fabric and putting democracy in danger. “ Our struggle to save our democracy and our constitutions will continue, this is our clear aim and objective”, he asserted.

Chetan iterated that people must raise their voice against any kind of injustice. “ The ideologies and thoughts of people such as Buddha, Basava, Ambedkar, Periyar and Kuvempu are like the foundation stones for revolution. These should be our ideologies and our guiding force. With these ideologies we will continue our struggle”, he declared.

Making it clear that they will stand by the justice and fight against injustice, he said that the Constitution of India has given equality to all.

Expressing his anger over a section of police for acting against the aspirations of the democracy, he said that they have filed a suo motu case against him for a tweet. “ I have not made any derogatory remarks in my tweet,  I have not instigated anybody with the tweet”, he claimed.

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He wondered that some elected representatives openly talking of rape in the assembly session are not categorized as provocative. Why those people have not been arrested. So many people are openly making highly inflammatory statements against minorities, why they have not been arrested. “ And I was arrested for a tweet made against an anti-women verdict”, he retorted.

The actor said that the government is trying to make it a police state. “ We will never accept such a dictatorship as it is not a democracy. Our responsibility is to uphold the democratic values and we will do that at any cost”, he said.

Claiming that he has not violated any law, he said that they are only following the footsteps of Buddha, Periyar Basava and Ambedkar. Periyar was jailed nine times. No doubt those who stand with justice are jailed, he announced and asserted that he will not stop tweeting.

Making it clear that nobody is unquestionable in the democratic system, thus he will continue to question from the Ministers to judges as it is their constitutional right.


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April 2024


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