Journalist Nidhi Razdan victim of phishing attack,Harvard job offer was fake

"In reality, I did not receive an offer from Harvard University as an Associate Professor of Journalism to join their faculty," Nidhi said in her statement

nidhi razdan

On Friday, Journalist Nidhi Razdan said she had been the target of a “very serious phishing attack” and that the associate professor position at Harvard University was a fraud. The journalist had announced on June 13 2020 that she would leave NDTV to take up the role.

On her official Twitter handle, Nidhi shared that she had started training for the new assignment last year, which was supposed to begin in September 2020 but was later told that Harvard classes would begin in January 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic.

“I began to notice a number of administrative anomalies in the process being described to me, along with these delays,” Nidhi wrote.

I had rejected these anomalies at first as new normal being dictated by the pandemic, but recently the representations made to me were of an even more alarming nature. As a result, I reached out for clarification to senior officials at Harvard University. I shared some of the correspondence I thought I had received from the University upon their request,” Nidhi said in a statement on Twitter on Friday.

This is when she realized that she was a “sophisticated and coordinated phishing attack” target.

“In reality, I did not receive an offer from Harvard University as an Associate Professor of Journalism to join their faculty,” Nidhi said in her statement that the perpetrators of this attack used clever forgeries and misrepresentations to gain access to her personal data and messages and may also have gained access to her computers and email/social media accounts.

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Nidhi said she filed a complaint with the police and gave them all the necessary documentary evidence. I have asked them to take immediate measures to locate the perpetrators of this abominable attack, arrest and prosecute them. Separately, I have written to the authorities at Harvard University and urged them to take the matter seriously,’ she said.

Nidhi added that she has also written to people and organizations with whom She has been in contact to keep them updated. “Nidhi added, “I hope the police will get to the bottom of this assault on me at the earliest and help me put this unsavory incident to a swift end.

Phishing scams are normally frauds committed by sending emails or correspondence by pretending to be from a certain agency or business to trick individuals into sharing personal information.


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