Modi Can Only Celebrate Godse Day: Farmer Leader Badagalapura Nagendra

Narendra Modi who is anti-farmer has no ethical rights to mourn Gandhi.

The farmer leader Badagalapura Nagendra speaking in freedom park on the first day of the satyagraha in solidarity with the protesting farmers, said “Narendra Modi has no ethical responsibility to mourn the martyrdom of Gandhi. The only thing he can do is celebrate Godse Day.” A one day satyagraha is organised today on the occasion of Gandhi’s martyrdom, speaking on this occasion the leader said, “five hundred and forty one farmer organisations have come together under the umbrella of Samyukta Kisan Morcha. We are part of it from Karnataka. Forty eight organisations have come together in Karnataka. We are fasting today to maintain peace, demanding the government to roll back its farm reforms and condemning the violence of January 26, 2021.”  

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Nagendra also observed that there is nothing new about a Prime Minister giving call to mourn Gandhi’s martyrdom on January 30,2021 every year. Pointing at the call given by Narendra Modi to mourn at twelve in the afternoon, the farmer leader said, “Nehru was the one who had given this call. Narendra Modi who is anti-farmer has no ethical rights to mourn Gandhi.” He also opined that Modi-Shah are responsible for the violence on January 26, 2021 in Delhi; he noted that BJP government is anti-farmer and is all set to spread their hatred for the farmers. 

First published in and translated by Yogesh S


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