My life is in Danger: Soni Sori, Human Rights Activist

Soni Sori is being prevented from leaving her home and participating in other Adivasi movements. Several human rights organisations have expressed concerns about the threat to her life. 

Soni Sori
Courtesy: Janchowk

Dantewada: Three days ago, a video of Soni Sori, the renowned human rights activist from Chhattisgarh became viral.

In the video, Soni Sori can be seen confronting the people who were following her in an unmarked car.

“Just kill me now. Shoot. I am ready to die,” she is seen and heard saying clearly. “Film this, they want to pressurise me. They want to kill me. I want to tell the entire administration,” she goes on to say in a video that has since gone viral on social media. Sori challenges the men in the car until they reverse and leave the scene.

Soni Sori has now been issued a notice to explain why she posted the video on social media. Her mentor, social activist Himanshu Kumar has also been issued a similar notice as he posted the video on his social media accounts.

For the last couple of days, she has been sent notices that she cannot leave home.

Several human rights organisations have expressed concerns about the threat to her life.

Soni Sori and Himanshu Kumar wanted to visit Sarkeguda, Bijapur where CRPF killed 17 Adivasis (Tribals) in 2012. “The inquiry commission had given a report that the victims were innocent,” said Himanshu Kumar, explaining that the activists were planning to go there with others and talk with local leaders about plans to erect a memorial to the victims on June 28 (the day of the massacre).

However, Soni Sori was denied permission at the last moment, even though she had applied for it 24 hours ahead. The group canceled the trip, and on June 29 Sori came to Dantewada. That is when the bizarre chain of events unfolded.

According to her, police has pressurised taxi drivers and traders in the area to not rent their car to Soni Sori for travel.

Soni Sori is called by several adivasi groups who want her to lead their movement against the state oppression.  In the neighbouring district Bijapur around, 10,000 adivasis have gathered and they want Soni Sori to lead them.  But police does not want to Soni to lead the Adivasi groups.

Chattisgarh Police has been trying to use COVID 19 as an excuse to contain her at home.





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