At the time when majority of the districts of Karnataka are gripped under Hijab-saffron shawl controversy, a Muslim family of H.D. Kote taluk of Mysuru district has set an exemplary example for people by donating 2.5 acre land to the government school.

With an objective of promoting education in rural areas, meeting the desire to increase literacy rate and to meet the need of the land for the school, the family has donated the land.

“ My father Mohammed Jaffer who is native of Marchalli village had the wish to donate the land to the school. But for some reason, he could not realise it when he was alive. But we decided to complete his wish after his demise”, said his son Mohammed Rakeeb.

According to him, currently, the value of the land is around Rs. 50 lakh.

The land has been handed over to government higher primary school of Bachegoundanahalli and has been registered in the name of the Head Master of the school. The land will help rural students in their education as the building and other facilities can be developed on the land.

“ I am so elated to meet the wish of my father who was keen for education. He wanted the children of the village to get better education and better infrastructure. Thinking that, he wanted to donate the land which have done on his behalf”, Rakeeb said.

He said that they are six siblings, four brothers and two sisters. All of them together decided to meet the wish of their father to donate 2.5 acre land.

He said that they registered the land in the name of the school on February 15. The family, which is essentially involved in farming, has around 12 acre land in the village, of which 2.5 acres has been donated.

The wish of the family is now that the school needs more classrooms, then the school should use the land for the purpose, or it can also develop a playground for the students.

Expressing happiness for the family donating land to the school, Block Education Officer Chandrakant said that the donated land would be used for the development of the school. More classrooms will be constructed if needed.

“ The act of the family is greatly admirable and inspiring to others”, he asserted.


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February 2024


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