Mission HOPE: UAE becomes the first Arab Country to launch Mars Mission

The UAE has an ambitious plan in place to make a settlement on Mars by 2117.


On the 19th of July, 2020, The United Arab Emirates launched its maiden mission, The Hope Probe to Mars in an attempt to further develop capabilities in the technological and scientific scope and reduce their reliance on oil. The plans were first announced in 2014, with the UAE setting up a space program in 2017.

The country itself lacked the expertise and base of the other exploring countries. The development of the project was done with the assistance of eminent United States educational institutions. The rocket took off from Japan’s Tanegashima Space Center and will commence a seven-month mission. The mission will revolve around the collection of atmospheric data by orbiting the planet.

The entire project would cover around 494 million kilometers. After the launch on the 19th, the probe launched the solar panels that would assist in powering the system and establish radio contact with mission control back home. The mission follows eight active missions, either orbiting or landing on the planet. The UAE has an ambitious plan in place to make a settlement on Mars by 2117.

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