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The Bharatiya Janata Party President JP Nadda on Tuesday, 2 June, appointed Adesh Kumar Gupta as the Delhi unit chief, replacing Manoj Tiwari.

The move comes almost four months after the Delhi Assembly polls in which the BJP won just seven seats. Adesh Kumar Gupta has replaced singer-turned politician Manoj Tiwari as the Delhi BJP chief.

There were speculations of upcoming replacement since BJP lost Delhi elections in February 2020.

Manoj Tiwari also stirred controversy when photos emerged of his playing cricket in Haryana during the lockdown period. He broke not just lockdown rules but also went into another state while the borders of Delhi and Haryana were sealed. That left the BJP red-faced. 

Manoj Tiwari wrote on Twitter and congratulated Adesh Kumar Gupta for his new appointment.

“I am thankful to all the activists, officials and residents of Delhi for the love and support received during my 3.6-year-long tenure as Delhi BJP chief. Please forgive me for any inadvertent mistakes I might have made,”

After his appointment, Adesh Kumar Gupta said that he will aim to expand the party in the national capital. Gupta said that he will work with everyone and not indulge in partisan behaviour within the party. A former North DMC mayor, Adesh Gupta said that he will also focus on the party’s performance in the MCD elections. Moments after his appointment, the new Delhi chief slammed CM Kejriwal for ‘failing to handle Covid-19 outbreak’ in the national capital.

Newly-appointed Gupta was a former Mayor of New Delhi Municipal Council and has served as a Councillor of West Patel Nagar.

The official statement from the BJP said, “BJP President JP Nadda has appointed Adesh Kumar Gupta as the Delhi BJP chief. The appointment will come into effect immediately.”

Adesh Kumar Gupta is only one of the appointments announced by the BJP on Tuesday. The Bharatiya Janata Party chief JP Nadda has also appointed former Union minister Vishnu Deo Sai as president of Chattisgarh BJP Prof Tikendra Singh has been appointed as the new BJP chief in Manipur.




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