Kongu Nadu? Gounder Nadu? Hindu Tamil Nadu

The opinion-making aimed at creating a pulse for 'Kongu Nadu', is done by Hindutva Fascists who aim for the same to be set up in terms of a 'Hindu Tamil Nadu'.

Kongu Nadu
Source: Telugu-kathalu.com
As a part of the RSS Hindu Rashtra agenda, for breaking up India into 72 States so that the development of nationalities could be prevented from challenging the establishment of the all-India market controlled by monopolies, the unofficial Tamil Daily organ of RSS namely ‘Dinamalar’ published a news item last week on the front page that the idea for the creation of ‘Kongu Nadu’ comprising the districts of western parts of Tamil Nadu as one of Union Territory is likely to materialise.
Earlier, when L. Murugan was recently appointed as a Minister during the reshuffle of Modi’s cabinet, his profile mentioned that he hailed from ‘Kongu Nadu’, Tamil Nadu. Till now, neither the Modi led Union government nor the all-India/TN level BJP officially announced it.
Kongu Nadu
Earlier, when L. Murugan was recently appointed as a Minister during the reshuffle of Modi’s cabinet, his profile mentioned that he hailed from ‘Kongu Nadu’, Tamil Nadu.
But the EC of the North Coimbatore district of the BJP passed a resolution urging the Government to create the ‘Kongu Nadu’ state. At the same time, the EC of the neighbouring district, Erode passed a resolution that the demand of ‘Kongu Nadu’ is the handiwork of divisive thoughts of DMK, the ruling Party of TN and also against the said demand.
Except for Karu. Nagarajan, a member of the State Committee of BJP who said that the creation of ‘Kongu Nadu’ is at the beginning stage and the Modi Government would fulfill the aspiration of the People, no other leader at the State-level endorsed or announced the same.

Caste Politics Surrounding the Issue

PMK(Paataali Makkal Katchi) has demanded separate statehood for Northern Tamil Nadu in 2002. The Tamil organ namely ‘Poraali’ of erstwhile TN unit of PW published an article against it in the same year. Apart from Vanniar caste Party based in Northern Tamil Nadu, no other mainstream political parties including DMK, ADMK, Congress, CPI and CPM support the demand.

PMK, for its own interest, has already proposed the idea of trifurcation of TN with the aim of capturing the political power of Northern Tamil Nadu, which happens to be a Vanniar caste dominated region.

During the 1980s, due to the underdevelopment, a low-key demand had been there for separate statehood for Southern Tamil Nadu, with the headquarters based in Madurai.
But it has lost its sheen since the 1990s. This is because, the dominant caste namely Mukkulathor of the southern parts of Tamil Nadu, gained ascending dominance in government, state machinery, state government jobs since Jayalalitha became the General Secretary of ADMK and had been CM for four times. Additionally, the Nadars, an influential southern TN caste in the trading sector gained relative prominence in the industrial arena. Similarly, the Muslims of Southern Tamil Nadu also ascended in trading and SMEs spheres as well as in political spheres.

Prior to the CMship of Edappadi Palanisamy, who belonged to the numerically as well as otherwise dominant caste in western TN namely Gounder, the caste associations of the latter have demanded separate statehood for the ‘Kongu’ region. But after Edappadi Palanisamy became  CM of TN in 2017 and his cabinet became essentially Gounder cabinet, the demand for separate statehood for the ‘Kongu’ region lost its fervor.Reiterating this, it is significant now that these Gounder caste associations are not raising the demand. On the other hand the big bourgeoisie classes of ‘Kongu Nadu’ have grown at all-India level, a few of them internationally. To name a few are below:

1. The Lakshmi Machine Works (LMW) group: one of the only groups that manufactures all kinds of textile machinery in the world.
2. Suguna Hatcheries: which has come up to the top position at an all-India level in the poultry sector.
3. Sakthi Motors: which manufactures one-fourth of the steering wheels for cars in India.

Apart from these big bourgeoisie industrial groups, the ‘Kongu Nadu’ is home to a number of industrial sectors which have a prominent place both at the all-India level and global level.

This includes textile (spinning, ginning, knitting, dyeing, bleaching, home furnishing), engineering (textile machinery, auto components, bodybuilding of heavy vehicles, foundries, Agri/industrial motor pump sets), bore-well drilling, poultry, cargo transportation, etc.

In the agricultural sector, the proposed ‘Kongu Nadu’ supplies turmeric, tapioca, edible oil, coconut etc, to national and global markets. If this has been so, why must the big bourgeoisie of ‘Kongu Nadu’ favour the creation of the latter? There is no necessity.

Tamil Nationalist Parties’ Interests in Kongu Nadu

Kongu Nadu
Seeman, Leader of Tamil Nationalist Party NTK. Tamil Nationalist chauvinist organizations may have a view that the creation of ‘Kongu Nadu’ may weaken the hold of the above-mentioned Telugu communities in the region.

Similarly, in general, one should expect that the ever prevalent Tamil Nationalist organizations of TN would not favour it, and would oppose the same vehemently. However, from those sections, the response has only been that of silence. Including the Tamil chauvinist Seeman-led organization NTK. One can expect that opposition to ‘Kongu Nadu’ from them may increase after a while. If not, it may be because, according to a number of Tamil Nationalist chauvinist organizations, the region of ‘Kongu Nadu’ is dominated by Telugus like Naidus and Telugu-speaking Chettiars.

Tamil Nationalist chauvinist organizations may have a view that the creation of ‘Kongu Nadu’ may weaken the hold of the above-mentioned Telugu communities in the region. At least the very talk of it.

Further, in a sense, the creation of ‘Kongu Nadu’ will increase the stranglehold of the dominant classes of the secondary/tertiary level Gounders in the majority of the districts of the region, in the rural areas. From the Dalits’ point of view, it is harmful to them.

Opinion Making Around Kongu Nadu

In the given situation, the big bourgeoisie of the region and the presence of industrial units of Indian/global MNCs in the same region would naturally oppose the creation of ‘Kongu Nadu’. Similarly, urban middle classes too and Tamil Nationalist/chauvinist organisations may also oppose it. Even the mainstream political parties of the state. Interestingly, the state-level leadership of BJP, had officially announced that they do not have the Idea of favouring the creation of ‘Kongu Nadu’.
Then why is the unofficial Tamil daily namely “Dinamalar’ regularly publishing, even today, about some sort of necessity/feasibility of ‘Kongu Nadu’?
This kind of approach whereby there is opinion-making aimed at exploring/creating a pulse for ‘Kongu Nadu’, is characteristic of Hindutva Fascists who aim for a future where ‘Kongu Nadu’ can be created in terms of ‘Hindu Tamil Nadu’. That is why it is promoting even today, ‘Kongu’ supporter Eswaran, MLA of DMK-led alliance as well as an Office-bearer of a ‘Kongu’ organization as the CM candidate for ‘Kongu Nadu’.


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April 2024


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