Karnataka: Students organisations across the state protest condemning the attack on JNU students

The government is cutting our thumbs to ensure that Dalits and Adivasis cannot study and education remain a stronghold of Upper castes. The government is following the tenets of Manusmriti and varnashram. 

In solidarity with JNU students

Students organizations across Karnataka protested in eleven districts including Bangalore condemning the attack on JNU students yesterday. Students want to raise their demands and highlight problems with their colleges, university departments and also wanted to express their deep solidarity to students of Jawaharlal Nehru University. Some student organisation has planned to protest tomorrow the nationwide call from JNUSU.


Students in Bangalore
Students in Bangalore

In support of protesting JNU students SFI, AISF, AIDSO, KVS, and many other student organizations have registered their protest at Mysore Bank Circle in Bangalore.

Social activist B. Sripad Bhatt while speaking at the protests said, “The current central government is trying to take over JNU like other institutions. But, JNU is resisting this assault on them and hence the central government is attempting to destroy JNU”.

94 thousand crores of education cess has been collected. Eight thousand crores have been raised in the name of research and development. Where has all this money gone?

One thousand research papers are published from JNU every year. There are 8,000 students studying there and it costs around 500 crores annually. The central government, which spends over Rs 2,000 crore a year on its campaigns, is unfairly raising fees on these students” he questioned.

He also questioned the government “In Banaras Hindu University the police and the government are backing the protests to disallow Sanskrit teacher Feroze Khan from teaching. Students are performing a ritual ceremony to create trouble. Though this constituency is that of Prime minister himself he hasn’t uttered a word yet. But here in JNU, the students who are protesting to save democracy are being Lathicharged” he expressed his agony.

“The central government has decided to abolish University Grants Commission. UGC gives funds for research to different departments and research scholars. The government wants to control higher education by controlling the funding agency.  The JNU fee hike is part of this conspiracy” He said expressing his anger.

V Ambarish and Gururaja Desai from SFI, Jyoti from AISF, Ashvini K.S and Ajay Kamat from AIDSO, Sarovar Benkigere and Gurumurthy from KVS and many others participated in protests.

Sarovar Benkikere, state convener of Karnataka Vidyarthi Sangathane (KVS) says-

The students from Dalit, Adivasi and poor families cannot afford education in private universities that charge exorbitant fees. The government wants to demolish the public sector completely. After destroying primary education and government schools, the next target is higher education. Students from Dalit, Adivasi and poor families cannot afford the expensive private schools and universities. This push for fee hike and privatization is just a means to push marginalized further out of the education sector. The government is cutting our thumbs to ensure that Dalits and Adivasis cannot study and education remain a stronghold of Upper castes. The government is following the tenets of Manusmriti and varnashram.


There were protests by KVS, SFI and other progressive organizations in Raichur against the increase in fees for JNU students, the new education policy and privatization of education.

Students expressed their anger and condemned the police brutality in Delhi on JNU students. They appealed to the district authorities to express their concerns on student matters.

Student organisations in Raichur
Student organisations in Raichur

Laxman Mandalgera of KVS- The government wants to silence the voice of youth. Police who were supposed to protect the peaceful students protest march towards Parliament, lathi-charged and used water cannons against the JNU students at the behest of the central government.


A coalition of progressive organizations protested in Sindhanur condemning the fee hike in universities and physical assault by the police on JNU students. Samad Chaudhry, Nagaraj Pujar and many others participated in a protest in front of the Sindhur Taluk office by a  


A protest at Davangere University was held yesterday condemning the attack on JNU students’ and supporting their struggle. Veena from AISF and SFI leaders attended the protests.

Students organisation at Davangere

Pavitra of KVS gave a statement- Normally you would see the percentage of women is low in higher education. But in JNU it is 50% because it is enshrined in its admission policies. Women in JNU are fighting for their right to study, a right that is often curtailed by families for lack of finances. It will be a huge setback to many women students who come to higher education with big hopes of making a career for themselves.

Many students cannot afford to buy books and all publications are not available online. Many students without resources lag behind because of this. So demand to have libraries open for longer periods to time is a valid demand and students across country have been demanding it for many years. But many TV channels and on social media, we see this demand is being made to look like students want to enjoy all night and want to be outside. What kind of people are these? these people are anti-education!!

In the police action against the protesting students, many students were dragged, attacked, one blind person was also attacked, women were molested. This is shameful of Delhi police to act this way and we condemn such actions and we are in solidarity with the demands of JNU students.


In Kalbarugi( Gulbarga), progressive organizations organized a procession and protested in front commissioner’s office in support of the JNU students. Activist and intellectual K Neela and KVS’s Rajendra Rajwala were present.

Kalaburgi student organisations

Rajendra Rajwala said- Students in Karnataka also face similar problems with high fees and general breakdown of education. The government’s only solution is to “Shut down Universities”.. This is what they want? Where will we study if they shut down universities? They want to shut down government universities and give space for Jio University so their friends can make money of the education sector.

Hampi Kannada University, Hospet

Student organisations like SFI, KVS, AISF, AIDSO organised the protests at Hampi kannada University. Santhosh HM of KVS, M Muniraju, Dodda basvaraju (SFI) were the lead organisers.

Hampi University students in solidarity with JNU students
Hampi University students in solidarity with JNU students

Santhosh HM said – This government cannot see poor and dalits studying in universities because when they study they can ask questions and this government is afraid being questioned.

In Karnataka also similar problems like JNU. The fees are very high, for almost 9 months PhD students have not received their fellowship. We are in solidarity with JNU students who are raising the demands of students all over India.

Education should be free and for all!





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May 2024


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