Karnataka government drops naming of flyover after “Veer” Savarkar

The decision of naming had drawn opposition from various quarters. Many consider it as a disgrace to the freedom fighters and others who struggled for the development of the country and also as an insult to those who struggled throughout their life for the development of Karnataka. 


Karnataka government has dropped the naming of a flyover in Bangalore as “Swatantra Yodha Veer Savarkar ” after much outrage from Kannada intellectuals and opposition parties.

On 27th May 2020, the BJP government in Karnataka announced the inauguration of Yelhanka overpass bridge in the name of the Hindutva idealogue V.D Savarkar.

The Bridge will be inaugurated by Chief Minister Yeddyurappa on May 28, that is on the birthday of Savarkar, said S.R. Vishwanath, a MLA from Yelahanka constituency.

The bridge is being built at the cost of 34 crores, near the Dairy circle in Yelahanka.

Even before the inauguration of the Yelhanka overpass bridge has taken place, there are a lot of controversies about it, the only reason for this is, naming the bridge by V.D. Savarkar’s name.

Many have opposed the naming of the bridge as a disgrace to the freedom fighters and others who struggled for the development of the country and also as an insult to those who struggled throughout their life for the development of Karnataka.

Former chief minister, H.D. Kumaraswamy has expressed his dissent with the state government and said that this action of the state government is shocking. Adding to this, he also said that there are many freedom fighters and others who have struggled for the development of this country before and after Independence. The overpass bridge could have been named after them.

He also questioned- Will other states name projects in their state on real freedom fighters from Karnataka or who have worked for the development of Karnataka?

He said that the state government should have considered the people of this country before taking such decisions.

Another former chief minister and opposition leader, Siddaramaiah has also expressed his outrage against the naming of the overpass bridge on Savarkar’s name. He said that this is an insult to the ones who fought for the freedom and development of this state.

I urge the chief minister to immediately abandon this decision and name one of the freedom fighters of the state. Siddaramaiah said that the decision to name the Yelahanka overpass in name of Savarkar was proof that the government is not for the people and is not elected by the people of this state.

Responding to the tweet from H.D. Kumaraswamy, Minister C.T. Ravi said, “Savarkar fought for the sake of the country. I don’t know why Kumaraswamy is so small-minded. Deve Gowda was born in Holenarasipura. Why should we accept and call him a national leader.? ”

He added that V.D. Savarkar did not fight for the freedom of one state, but for the freedom of the entire country and he said that the Kumaraswamy should not speak of him in that way.

The controversy over VD Savarkar is not limited to his not being from Karnataka. There are many questions of his claim to be a true freedom fighter as well. During his stay in Andaman jail, Savarkar wrote mercy petitions to the British asking for forgiveness and be forever in the service of British if he is let out of jail.

In 1948, Savarkar was charged as a co-conspirator in the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi; however, he was acquitted by the court for lack of evidence.

The article was first published in naanugauri.com. It was translated into English by Neha Kumari. 


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