Karnataka: Dalits beaten up for entering temple, case against 27 persons filed

In the complaint, the victims have alleged that the men of upper caste accused the Dalits of sacrilege of the temple and threatened them of dire consequences.


KR Pete: A case of Dalit atrocity has been reported from Haripur areas of K. R. Pete Taluk in Mandya district of Karnataka where some people of upper caste have allegedly beaten up Dalits for entering the temple during Hanuman Jayanti.

According to reports, a case has been filed against 27 persons under prevention of atrocity act. However the police filed the case only after the intervention of Superintendent of Police, N. Yatish. K. R. Pet circle inspector, Niranjan reportedly refused to file the case.

In the complaint, the victims have alleged that the men of upper caste accused the Dalits of sacrilege of the temple and threatened them of dire consequences.

The injured including Darshan, Sunil, Lohit, Abhishek,Vinay, Sanjay, Chalavaraju, Bhagyamma, Kumar, Ranjamma, Shobha and Nanjayya have filed complaints against 27 persons of attack.

The accused include Manjunath, Sridhar, Santosh, Srinivas, Ranjut, Satish, Sawamy, Muttu, Rajit, Manjunath, Mohan, Manja, Harish, Venkatesh, Raghu, Ravi, Manja, Suresh, Gundu, Bhanuprakash, Shivakumar, Darshan, Deepu etc.

Social Boycott and Threats to Dalit Community

On the night of December 16, around 60 persons of upper caste barged into the Dalit colony with deadly weapons at around 11:30 pm. They first began vandalizing the properties and then started attacking people include, aged, women and disabled persons of Dalit community.

Following the complaint filed by Dalits against the accused of upper caste, the upper caste people have socially boycotted the community as the upper caste people are angry with the Dalits for registering a case.

Meanwhile the Dalits alleged that despite filing a case, till date, no accused has been arrested.

The upper caste people have reportedly shut all the shops of the village in order to prevent Dalits from buying or availing services of the shops. The Dalits youth have posted the video of shops being closed in the village.

Speaking to naanugauri.com, K. R. Police Sub Inspector said that the even upper caste people too have filed case of being attacked by Dalit. “ We are conducting an investigation, so far we have not arrested anybody”, he said.

Temple Entry Still Controversial and Practice of Untouchability

The Article 17 of Indian Constitution prohibits all sorts of untouchability that includes preventing people from entering temples, fetching water from public wells, visiting public places etc.

A. R. Kantaraj, one of the advocates of Mysuru has talked about the incident: “Even in 21st century, the aspirations of the Indian Constitution have not been realized. Till today, the Dalit have been treated like animals. Even the police often do not come to the rescue of Dalits. In some cases, the police themselves are involved in atrocities”, he said.

Referring to Hanuma Jayanti being held in Haripur, he said that for the last 17 years, the religious event has been held. The upper caste people collect donations from others for the event but they don’t collect any money from Dalits because they think that if they collect donations from the Dalits, then they will have obligation to allow Dalit to enter the temple. To avoid this, they do not collect any donations from Dalit, he accused.

“ So far, the Dalit had been praying at the temple discreetly, but this time some Dalit people dared to enter the temple openly. This has enraged upper caste people who have attacked the Dalits “, Kantaraj said.

He said that when a youth named Kumar tried to capture the video in his mobile phone, around 30 men of upper caste snatched away his phone and beat him up.

“ When Dalits went to file a complaint, police official, Niranjan misbehaved with them and denied to take complaint stating that Dalits were crossing their limits”, he said and reportedly asked the victims to come again tomorrow.

After which, within an hour, some upper caste people sent police to the village to warn Dalits.

Upper caste Villagers Assaulted Dalit man for beating drum

“ The police, whose job is to provide protection to Dalits, have been threatening the victims only. Even on the second day, the police official refused to take the complaint. After that, the Dalit leaders and victims met SP who directed the police to take complaint. He also assured to prevent any action that creates social divide in the area”, the advocate said.

He said that while an IPS officer is empathetic to Dalits but the lower level officials fail to discharge their duties properly.


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