Karnataka: Complaint Lodged Against Hindutva Activist Chaitra Kundapura for Provocative Speech

Chaitra Kundapura said communally sensitive comments on Koti Chennaiah, the twin local deities of Tulunadu and on Muslim women.

chaitra kundapura

Mangaluru: A complaint was lodged at the Surathkal police station in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka on Wednesday against regular hate monger Chaitra Kundapura. The complaint alleged that Chaitra Kundapura made provocative and vulgar speech at a convention organized by Bajrang Dal and Durga Vahini, both BJP backed organisations.

Chaitra Kundapura said communally sensitive comments on Koti Chennaiah, the twin local deities of Tulunadu and on Muslim women. State Congress coordinator Bondala Chittaranjan Shetty filed a complaint at the Suratkal police station demanding the arrest of Chaitra and the organizers of the event.

Talking to gaurilankeshnews.com, Chittaranjan Shetty said, “I have lodged a complaint at Suratkal Station. But, initially, the inspector refused to accept the complaint by stating that ‘There is no need to complain. A complaint has already been registered and I will initiate action based on the same complaint’. But I insisted and have filed a complaint. No FIR has been filed yet, I will meet with the Commissioner tomorrow. I will continue the fight and go till the chief minister”.

“Suratkal had suffered from communal riots 20 years ago. As the election draws to a close, the Sangh Parivar is trying to recreate the same. Taking advantage of this, they will once again become a legislator and come to power as a minister. But it is the poor Shudras and Dalits who take up swords and end up in jail, this is their agenda” he expressed his agony.

It is reported that Bharat Shetty, MLA of Mangalore City North constituency was also present in the program. Chittaranjan Shetty said it is a shame that he supports such matters while being a legislator.

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“Koti Chennaiah was also insulted during the program. In the hands of the deities is a weapon called Suriya, not a Sword. It is rowdies and evil people who hold swords. The great men of Tulunadu fought against the then Zamindari, not against the Muslims. But they are inciting people by instilling false ideas about the deities”, he vented.

Chandrappa Nayak, Inspector of Suratkal police station, speaking about Chittaranjan’s complaint said, “I’m engaged with security duties since the Honourable President of India is visiting Mangalore tomorrow. They have submitted a complaint. However, FIR is yet to be filed and will be. I will look into the complaint after I reach the station.”

Chaitra Kundapura made an incendiary speech at the convention on Tuesday stating that,  “Just two days will suffice for Hindus who constitute 70% [of the population] to convert Muslim girls. If Bajrang Dal activists start loving Muslim girls, burqas will not be seen in Muslim houses. We will apply Vermilion on the forehead of daughters of every Muslim household and bring them along. It was Koti Chennaiah who taught us to carry swords…”.  In addition, she took to personally abuse the daughter of Congress leaders.

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Recently, students traveling in a car in Suratkal were attacked physically and hurled abuses at, by vigilantes of the BJP-backed Bajrang Dal. There was a nation-wide outcry against the incident and five were arrested. However, they were released on bail from the station itself. This also was questioned by the public. However, Bajrang Dal supported the incident and held a convention here on Tuesday.


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