When Rome was burning, Nero and his ministers were partying and feasting, such as the situation with today´s BJP ministers in the center as well as the state.

The number of Corona deaths are breaking records with each passing day. India is at number 5 in the global tally of COVID infections with more than 8000 deaths so far.

What is the government doing? After the brutal lockdown that led to the loss of many lives, the governement has opened the lockdown. The money that should be spent in strengthening the crumbling the health infrastructure to handle the number of infected patients is being spent in organising virtual rallies for next election campaign.

While the Union Home minister Amit Shah is saying – ” On Corona, We may have fallen short, What did the opposition do?

For Amit Shah´s information, the opposition did a lot during the lockdown. From providing rations to the migrant and poor population, to organising buses and sometimes chartered flights for migrant workers to reach their home.

Following the same tune, Karnataka state BJP president Nalin Kumar Kateel day before yesterday during a press meet said that “no migrant worker has died of starvation during the lockdown period”.

Speaking with the press in Kalburgi, Mr. Kateel said,

There are no instances of anyone in the country including migrant workers, who have died due to lack of food. He claimed the government has made arrangements of trains and buses for migrants to reach their homes and also provided them with food. 

“The corona crisis has been handled by most effectively by Mr. Modi led central government, the whole world is appreciating the actions taken by the central government. But Congress party chief Rahul Gandhi is the only person who is politicising the issue”

Coronavirus does not identify caste and religion; it is a virus, anyone can get it, hence it is important for all to take proper precautions. To that end, PM Modi announced lockdown which is the appropriate step. Everyone should abide by the guidelines issued by the government.- he said.

This is while there have been several reports of people actually dying of starvation. This is excluding the deaths that have happened due to migrant workers dying due to starvation and dehydration in Shramik trains. Probably, Mr. Kateel forgot it was after many trains losing their way, reaching destinations after 4-5 days and high court intervention, the migrant workers were provided with food and water in trains.

Lies, outright denial, and the blame game is their go-to strategy to divert attention from the catastrophic condition that the country is in!


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February 2024


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