Kannada news channel ‘ News First’ uses a year old animated video to claim PM Modi’s assassination bid

The unsubstantiated video which is already available in Youtube tries to portray farmers as villains.


‘News First’, one of the Kannada news channels of Karnataka has played a fabricated and assumption-based news on the possible assassination bid of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The channel which was carrying the news of the alleged intelligence failure when Modi was traveling to Punjab for an election campaign, has used a year old animated video to support its story.

Interestingly, the channel has uploaded its ‘news’ in its YouTube channel also.

In the video which lasts for around 13.19 seconds, the anchor questions whether the conspiracy to kill Modi was hatched a year ago itself.

Then the female news anchor continues to read the news giving a  sensational touch with hypothetically posed questions.

‘ The sensational video of the plan to kill Modi is out, whether the plan was made to assassinate Modi on the Firozpur flyover,? An animated video has been prepared regarding the assassination bid, it 1.7 minute long the video, etc.’

The anchor continues to give such information ending with question marks.

But when analyzed, one can easily gauge that there is no base in her claim. She does not corroborate her claims with any facts or confirmed details.

In the first place, she questions whether the conspiracy was hatched back in 2020 itself on Firozpur flyover.

The basic point is. If any such plan was made in 2020 itself, then the intelligent agencies would have captured the perpetrators already.

Now even after a year, if any such bid fails to catch the attention of intelligent sources, then it should be clearly considered as the intelligent failure.

The anchor later shows a video which she claims to be related to the preparation for the assassination of Modi.

She calls the video sensational, but in reality, it is not at all sensational.

Innumerable such videos are available on YouTube.

It is not known whether any action has been taken against such people.

The news channel openly claims that the video is related to an attack that was planned to kill Modi. Surprisingly, no investigating agency of the country has declared that the video was actually related to the planning of any such attack.

Even if the video was genuine, then it should have got leaked a year ago itself and should have become big news. But no such news got reported. Otherwise those who made this video would have been in jail by now.

About the video, the Anchor says that around 1.7 minute long video was released in December 2020. Even if the video was uploaded on the mentioned date, then quite interestingly, the same video is already available in a YouTube channel called ‘Dhakka Gaming’.  Similarly, the same video can also be seen in another YouTube channel called BP Shorts. Both videos last for little over three minutes.

The anchor claims that the video has been prepared at Firozpur itself, but she fails to give proof to her claim. Even the other two YouTube channels that have uploaded the video, have not made any claim on the place where the video was prepared.

While one YouTube channel calls the location as America, another says India.

Even to the claim that the plan was made to gheroa PM in 2020 itself, too has no proof.  The members of Kisan Morcha have made it clear that they had no plan to prevent the movement of PM in Punjab.

“ As per our schedule, we had planned to hold peaceful rallies across Punjab from January 5.  When police asked the protestors not to hold a protest in Firozpur, the protestors staged Dharna on the road itself where they were stopped from moving further. One of the places was the flyover from where the convoy of the PM was supposed to pass. The farmers were not aware of this as they came to know only after PM’s convoy  returned from the flyover.

The protestors too did not make any attempt to move towards the convoy. This has now been proven from the video which got viral on Friday.

Some people carrying BJP flags and raising slogans supporting Modi reached the convoy, says Kisan Morcha.

But News First channel, in its 13 minute video claims that the bid to assassinate Modi took place just like the animated video.

Later, another anchor of the channel carries on with the news by claiming to analyze the same video in a different manner.

He questions where the Punjab police was, why only SPG, the special security force meant for PM was at the spot.? The Punjab police personnel were enjoying team with the protestors, the anchor confidently claims as if he was witness to the incident.

But in reality, the Punjab police was at the spot. If they had ran away or had tea with protestors, then it would have become major news. But nothing of that sort happened.

In one of the videos that went viral on Friday itself, people could be seen moving close to the convoy of Modi by carrying the BJP flag.

It makes it amply clear that those who reached close to the convoy were not protesting farmers but BJP workers.

Reacting to the incident, Punjab CM  Charanjit Singh Channi has defended his government by saying that no security lapse happened from his government.

He said that it was not told to the government about the change of plan of Modi’s convoy that it would be heading by road.

It may be noted that from the day the farmers’ protest started in the country, a large section of the media has been preparing anti-farmer news.

The section of the media has been working hard to appease the government. The media should have been reporting the news responsibly about the farmers’ agitation which lasted for over a year where farmers faced several natural and man-made adversaries.

Over 700 farmers have lost their lives during the protest.

By following the path of Mahatma Gandhi, the farmers made the arrogant and adamant BJP government kneel down.

While reporting such news, the media should verify all facts before presenting the news to the public.

The article was first published in naanugauri.com.It has been translated into English by Firoz Rozinder. 


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