Kannada Actor Chetan Ahimsa Arrested Over Tweet on Judge

Meanwhile hundreds of Chetan's supporters and social activists have gathered near Sheshadripuram police station.

Chetan Ahimsa

Popular Kannada actor and social activist Chetan has been arrested by police. His wife Megha has alleged that the police have arrested her husband without issuing any arrest warrant. She has described the arrest as kidnapping.

In a Facebook live from Sheshadripuram police station in Bengaluru, she said that her husband was not seen since 3:00 pm. When inquired, their workers said that he was picked up by the police.

She alleged that the police were not sharing any information about him.

Megha claims that the phone of her husband is switched off. His bodyguard is also not reachable. ” It clearly means that my husbond has been kidnapped by the police”, she charged.

Alleging that the police are harassing her husband, she asserted that every citizen of the country has the right to legal aid. The police must inform their family member before taking anybody  for interrogation. The police have violated all the rules. It is a big injustice committed by the police, she retorted.

She further alleged that the police have snatched away the phone of Chetan. ” I have no idea where my husbond is and police are saying nothing about it. Therefore I have come to police station to seek justice. Social activists should come immediately and stand by justice “, she said.

‌Why Chetan has been arrested?

The sources said that Chetan has been arrested in contempt of court case. It is said that he allegedly made some remark against the Justice Krishna Dixit of Karnataka High court in his tweet two years ago. Justice Dixit is hearing the case related to Hijab row.

” This week Karnataka High Court Justice Krishna Dixit granted pre-arrest bail to a rape accused Rakesh B claiming it is unbecoming of Indian women to sleep after rape. That is not the way women react when they are ravished. What is unbecoming is 21st century misogyny of this judiciary Dixit fossil”.


” This is a tweet i wrote nearly two years ago regarding a Karnataka high Court decision. Justice Krishna Dixit made such disturbing comments in a rape case. Now this same judge is determining whether Hijabs are acceptable or not in government schools. Does he have the clarity required? “.

This was mentioned by Chetan in his Facebook account. It is believed that Chetan has been arrested in this connection.

Meanwhile following in the report of Chetan’s arrest, hundreds of his supporters and social activists have gathered near Sheshadripuram police station.


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