Kalburgi literary volume release to mark the veteran’s birthday

Followers of MM Kalburgi offer their respect in an online ceremony to the rationalist on his death anniversary.


Belagavi: Owing to the present corona pandemic the disciples, students of scholar M M Kalburgi offered online tributes to the rationalist on the occasion of his fifth death anniversary here on Sunday.

The ardent followers of Kalburgi have been offering their tribute to the rationalist on his death anniversary for the last five years ever since the veteran was gunned down at point-blank range at his Kalyan Nagar residence on August 30, 2015.

In view of the pandemic, the disciples could not personally visit to offer their tributes and resorted to offering online to mark the occasion. Senior journalist Litterateur Sarjoo Katkar said “COVID 19 scare had hampered physical contact and had distanced people the current year. However, this would not deter their desire to offer tributes to the scholar”.

Dr. Ramakrishna Marathe, Dr. A B Ghatge, Satish Kulkarni, Chandrakant Pokale, and others also paid tributes on the occasion.

Umadevi, wife of the rationalist had revealed that on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Kalburgi a literary event would be organized wherein complete literary works of Kalburgi comprising altogether 40 volumes of 25,000 pages would be released in Dharwad on November 28. The COVID 19 crises have also hampered the investigations in connection to the murder of Kalburgi that is still underway.

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