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Kafeel Khan- People want Health, education and Employment, not Hate

Kafeel Khan has spent more than 480 days in Jail on draconian National Security Act for speaking against citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)

kafeel khan
Dr. Kafeel Khan is a pediatrician and was working in BRD medical college in Gorakhpur. He was suspended from the hospital after a large number of infants died at the hospital due to encephalitis in 2017. He was made a scapegoat for the whole incident. He was jailed for 9 months. The court has no found any evidence of medical negligence against him. He was released. 
Dr. Kafeel Khan was arrested again in December 2019 because he spoke at Aligarh Muslim University on Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAA), which is called discriminatory and advised students to get their papers in order. He was booked for this speech under NSA and he and his family are being constantly harassed with dates after dates and rearrests. 
As of date, Kafeel Khan, a 38-year-old pediatrician has been in jail for 480 days. He is currently in jail under the draconian National Security Act, which allows for a person to be held without charge or a lawyer for one year. 
The following article was written by Dr. Kafeel Khan for Gauri’s 2019 Anniversary Edition last September when he was traveling throughout India, setting up medical camps in remote villages in India. 


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