Judiciary has failed to deliver : Justice Gopal Gowda

Justice Gopal Gowda spoke on the occasion of the release of a documentary based on the life of Gandhian centenarian freedom fighter H S Doreswamy.


Bengaluru: Gandhi jayanti in the city was marked by the release of documentary ‘Mahan Tata/ The Great Grand Father’ that depicts the life and struggle of Gandhian centenarian freedom fighter H S Doreswamy. Collection of articles written by Doreswamy in a book form called “Gandhaian’s reply to Godse followers’ was also released.

The documentary produced by media activist organisation Pedestrains Pictures was released by Justice (Retired) Gopal Gowda at Karnataka Scouts and Guides Auditorium in Bengaluru. Speaking on the occasion Justice Gopal Gowda  criticized the  political voices that have been critical of Doreswamy who had accompanied Mahatma Gandhi in the freedom struggle. These irresponsible politicians have no moral rights to speak of  the veteran. Persons speaking ill against the centenarian, who despite his ripe age had launched a struggle and fighting for the rights of the downtrodden are no leaders of the masses. 

It was the freedom fighters like Doreswamy who ensured sovereignty to the nation. Those who speak ill of the veterans like HS Doreswamy ignore the invaluable contribution and struggle he has made to peoples movements. 

“What could these politicians who with their ill gotten money bribe the people for votes could contribute to this nation” he questioned. 

Gopal Gowda continued- I retired around four years ago. I have been observing how legislature, executive and judiciary are functioning. And I feel that for the first time in 72 years there is no rule of law. Our people are living in a situation where there is no governance as per Constitutional principles. There is an increase in rape, murder and incidents of violence and injustice.

Judiciary is unable to provide justice to the people. He expressed anguish at the present state of affairs. He urged the Gandhian to advise farmers, youth and other about Gandhiji’s ideals and motivate them to engage in active agitations, he said.

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti and book release Doreswamy said- “l am not pained by the criticism instead by the silence of one person who was very close to me who failed to show any resistance” the centenarian said while expressing displeasure. However, lot of people including Justice Gopal Gowda expressed their support. Just to give a befitting reply to the detractors this book is being brought out, which does not criticize any one and only aims to enlighten the critics and only seek for they regret their conduct, he said.

Doreswamy clarified that he never undermined Veer Savarkar. But Savarkar had begged for mercy and written apology letters to the British regime and accepted to abide by all their conditions which was cowardice act as I see it. “Persons who has fought against the mighty and later if he writes apology letter they what should he be called” he questioned.

Activist Sirimane Nagaraj said the documentary had been screened at 103 places at various places across the state including Bengaluru on the first day of its release. There was huge demand for screening the documentary while efforts were being made to reach it to every nook and corner of Karnataka. 

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