It is our birth right to agitate!: Rama Ambedkar

The Dalit Unity convention began with the inaugural speech of Ms. Rama Ambedkar Teltumbde, the grand-daughter of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar.

Rama Ambedkar

Bangalore: At a time when atrocities against Dalits have increased all around, as a ray of hope, different factions of Dalit Sangharsha Samithi (DSS) came together and gave a wake up call to fellow Dalits to resist against government anti Dalit policies.

On 6th November  The “Dalit Cultural Resistance – Massive Unity Convention of DSSs” organised by the ‘Aikya Horata Chalana Committee of Dalit Sangharsha Samithis’ (United Struggle Convening Committee of Dalit Sangharsha Samitis) instilled new hopes among dalit masses. Over 40 thousand dalits who had come from all corners of Karnataka sounded off a war cry against the BJP governments’ anti-dalit policies.

The show of strength by various DSS factions at the National College grounds, Bengaluru on 6th December, the Parinibbana Day of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar holds immense significance especially in the light to silencing of dissenting voices.

The program began with the inaugural speech of Ms. Rama Ambedkar Teltumbde, the grand-daughter of the Architect of the Indian Constitution Babasaheb Dr. B.R.Ambedkar.

“Today is Dr. Ambedkar’s ‘Parinibbana’ day. As Ambedkar said, it is our birth right to agitate. Babasaheb has given voting rights to everyone. He has given emphasis to women’s education. The whole society advances if women get education. It is only by making progress through education that we can pay real homage to Babasaheb”, Rama said.

“Build your organisation by electing your own leaders and agitate for your rights. Scholarships of the students have been snatched, education as such is being snatched away. Struggle is the only way as Babasaheb has said” she prodded.

“The Constitution is being nullified inch by inch. All our facilities are being snatched away. But I feel very happy seeing so many Dalits assembled here. We need to tread the path of struggle. You have all stood by us and supported us when my husband Dr. Anand Teltumbde was in jail, I thank you all for that” she said.

The National College grounds in Bengaluru city literally overflowed with people. People came to Bengaluru from even very distant districts hiring buses and other vehicles. There were people inside the grounds, on the compound walls around it and the streets around the grounds. The slogan of “Jai Bheem” resounded throughout the ground, intermittently all through the event. Dalit organisations, which came together on the same stage after decades, pronounced the importance of unity.

Dalit Cultural Resistance : Massive Unity Convention in Bangalore


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