Islamic Virus: A poem on the communalisation of Coronavirus

The journey of virus from just being a biological entity to a communist virus and now to an Islamic Virus. A satire on the media propaganda blitzkrieg associating Muslims to the spread of Coronavirus.

Courtesy: Nala Ponappa |-Twitter. Nala Ponappa pokes fun at the spread of communal hatred while drawing a parallel with coronavirus.


You brought the deadly virus into this country

Immediately come out.

Every moment of your hiding is dangerous to the world”

This was announced at a high pitch.


With a sense of urgency

I came out with a white flag…

I am a responsible Indian

I am a responsible Muslim

Responsible, but…doubtful citizen


In the past, Muslim was seen as a terrorist

What is more terrorising now?

Muslim is seen as a carrier of the deadly virus.


Never before in the history

A virus has undergone a religious conversion.

It was born in China

It was a Communist virus

It entered India. It transformed into an Islamic virus


It all started in a small place…through tourists from Thailand.

It was never proved. They all happened to be Muslims.

In a city, the first death due to community transmission was declared

He was buried in a hurry. The news was repeatedly reported.

He happened to be a Muslim.


Now, it came from Delhi. The story says,

Muslims brought the Islamic virus through Islamic trains

They all happened to be Muslims


Muslims should be responsible citizens

Muslims should voluntarily come for testing

Any crowd should behave responsibly.

Here, the possibility of Islamic virus

Hence, extra responsibility and extra caution required


The old way of taunting —

Muslims demolish temples, Muslims throw bombs

Muslims betray the country, Muslims indulge in Love Jihad

New way —

Muslims bring deadly virus, Muslims spread deadly virus

Such news, spreads faster than the virus itself


People were struggling to explain

While denying house to Muslims, while denying jobs and while boycotting their shops

Now it is easy…… Muslims bring deadly virus

WhatsApp makes such a news viral. It enters our heads faster than the virus.


On the suspicion of eating beef

One Muslim was killed

On the suspicion of bringing virus

One Muslim may be pushed out of train

What has not happened in this country


Easier to suspect a community rather than individuals

As the carrier of the deadly virus

This is how racial cleansing is done…

Purification is done

We know why you are saying this again and again


Fear of death has gripped everybody

Including me


I feel lonely more than you people

Because I am a Muslim.

This is what is happening for long time


My friend who is a champion of communal harmony

Tells me with some anxiety

“Keep a distance”

Another friend, who preaches religious brotherhood murmurs,

“Why your people are behaving in such an irresponsible way”?


I wanted to tell…

Wait for some time for the truth to come out

But I kept quiet.  In the past too I told similar things.

As I normally do nowadays,

I remained silent with my head down.

If I respond,

Instead of being branded as the carrier of the deadly virus

I may be branded as the deadly virus.


We believe the governments

We believe every warning

We obey every order

Still……these things happen

We are tired.

We have exhausted all the soaps used repeatedly proving our purity.


The hatred virus is born in rumour labs

Expect the announcement that the deadly virus started

With those

Who were sitting

With National flags

At Shaheen Bagh.


You may not be opening the gas pipes as Hitler did.

But now you see the opportunity…

For virus bathing of the entire Muslim community


Otherwise let us unite against Corona




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May 2024


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