Indian Farmers are fighting to save Agriculture, Food Security and Environment

Farmers have planned a series of events and given a nationwide call for the same to raise awareness and intensify the struggle against the corporates takeover

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As government remains adamant on the refusal to repeal of farm laws more protest sites are emerging across the country. The eighth round of talks with the government yesterday also failed with no resolution from the government side.

Farmers have planned a series of events and given a nationwide call for the events. The list of events are as follows-

  • Farmers have given a call for the burning of bills on 13th January (which is celebrated as Lohri, Makar Sankranti, Bihu, Pongal, and many regional Festivals). 
  • This will be followed by Mahila Kisan Diwas on 18th January
  • Subhash Jayanti on 23rd janauary
  • All India Kisan and Tractor parade on 26th January

The working committee has also reiterated the call for wide and huge mobilizations during the protests on January 13, 18, 23 and 26th.

Farmers’ movement is to save Agriculture, Food Security, Environment, Seed Sovereignty, Communal harmony, and Pan India Peoples’ Unity

Working Group of AIKSCC has said that the Fight to Repeal the 3 Farm Acts is very much a fight to protect the Environment, River, and Forest resources and save the Seed Sovereignty of the country. These will be further jeopardized once Corporate and MNC control over agriculture markets and farm processes gains control due to the implementation of these Acts.

WG has said the success of this movement will have several gains for the country, particularly saving the food security as Corporate interests lie not with providing food to the hungry but in utilizing agriculture for profits. It is not just govt procurement and PDS, already this year Modi Govt has decided to free up the supply of wheat, rice, jawar, Bajra, barley, and others for conversion into alcohol to be mixed in fuel. The poor man’s food will serve as a rich man’s fuel.

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This movement, the WG has said is not only creating an atmosphere of peoples’ unity and communal harmony especially under threat from Active Communal forces, the message being imbibed from the Gurudwara Service Culture is one of sacrifice and deep consideration for the neighbor, for those in misery and struggle. It is contrary to the Corporate Culture of looking after one’s own interest.

WG, AIKSCC has said it believes that the wide and deep unity amongst farming people being created will end the attempts to sow regional dissensions over the division of water and will create an atmosphere where water resources are salvaged from corporate loot and are used more efficiently for farming and peoples’ development. The transfer of Narmada and other Big dam reservoir water to are cases in consideration as are inter-state water disputes.


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April 2024


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