India might be in Lockdown but BJP’s Hindutva project goes on

Come rain, shine or Corona, BJP's Hindutva project of Ramjanmabhumi temple, operation Lotus and crushing dissent goes unabated.


India has been under complete lockdown since PM Modi made the announcement that to control the COVID-19 pandemic the country is under complete lockdown from Monday midnight.

Despite PM’s assurance that groceries and medicines shops will be kept open, there were several instances of police violence against street vendors and few stray bikers. Police are forcefully shutting down all shops violating the general lockdown guidelines.

On Wednesday a 36-year-old man from Bengal went out to buy milk amidst the lockdown. On his way the police stopped him and beat him up with batons, he was badly injured. When he was rushed to the hospital, the hospital declared him dead on arrival.

There have been multiple incidents that have been reported where those found to be violating rules of lockdown have been thrashed by the police and been badly injured.

Telangana CM Chandrasekhar Rao has gone a step further and in his usual dictatorial way announced that ‘shoot at sight’ orders will be given to Police if the lockdown is not taken seriously.

In some states, a large number of cases have been filed against those who flout lockdown rules. 402 cases have been registered in Kerala against those violating lockdown- rules, which include a priest and a police officer. A congress MLA was also booked for violating lockdown rules in Pondicherry.

You might think that with such over-enforcement of police who would defy such orders?

The ruling party BJP thinks that rules are for Janta to follow and ministers are exempt from it.

Ram Janmbhoomi Project Marches On

Come rain, shine or Corona, BJP’s pet project Ram Janmabhoomi temple goes unabated. On Wednesday, Yogi Adityanath participated in an event to inaugurate the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, all in attendance of 100 other people.

Modi had also said in his speech that all religious congregations had to be on lockdown, without any exception. Except, this rule seemed to not apply to BJPs long-standing electoral goal of the Ram Janmbhoomi temple.

 Police have also punished people by making them do sit-ups, shaming them, etc.  The police have been given unfettered access to using any means to stop the lockdown, and this impunity has already taken the life of one person. 

The event didn’t happen in secret, but the CM Yogi Adityanath himself shared the photos and videos of the event on social media.

Yet no lathis, or arrest or shaming for the CM of UP Adityanath!

When the CM of the biggest state is happily flouting the lockdown and making a mockery of all measures to stop the spread of the pandemic, what can one expect from the public?

But No!! There are different sets of rules for Ministers and different ones for the Public.

In UP over 350 violators have been booked for violating the lockdown rules, cases against 5590 people have been registered for violating the rules, and have been shamed for violating the rules.

Madhya Pradesh Government Swearing-in Ceremony

BJP government is so used to toppling elected state governments that nothing stops it from horsetrading MLAs, not money and definitely not Coronavirus.

The Madhya Pradesh government fiasco started when Jyotiraditya Scindia resigned from the Congress party and took 22 MLAs with him and joined BJP last week.

On Monday, when the cases in India were skyrocketing, instead of adhering to social distancing norms, BJP was busy swearing in the Shivraj Singh Chauhan as CM of Madhya Pradesh.

Dismantling of Shaheen Bagh and renovation of Lutyens Delhi

The country is in the midst of grappling with a pandemic that has taken 13 lives and affected 649 people across the country. But BJP government has its priorities on only one thing. How can it crush dissent and leave a mark for itself so that generations from now will remember PM Modi and the Bhartiya Janta Party?

So devoted the party and its expansionist plans are that even a Pandemic cannot stop it from happening!

The project will revamp the 86-acre of the Lutyens’ Delhi, including the residence of the Prime Minister, the Rashtrapati Bhavan, North Block, South Block, and Sansad Bhavan among others.

Shaheen Bagh was dismantled amidst the fears of the spread of COVID-19. Even the walls of Shaheen Bagh painted over so that not even the slightest speck of dissent is visible.

PM Modi plans to see Lutyens Delhi in its own vision. None of that British architecture! The mega project to renovate Lutyens Delhi has been given a go-ahead with 20,000 crores. Meanwhile, the total budget allocated to combat coronavirus stands at ₹15,000 crores.

Priorities right?

At a time when with every fresh positive case of covid-19 stirs panic in the population, the government on one side is aiding in this panic by ordering lockdowns without any preparations and then punishing the citizens when they go out to get their essential supplies.

On the other hand, there is no panic but business as usual for BJP and its subsidiaries. The BJP government has been flouting rules of social distancing and the lockdown with impunity.

The government formation in Madhya Pradesh, Ram Janmabhoomi inauguration, renovation of Lutyens Delhi could not wait until the 21-day lockdown. All the energy of the party seems to be aimed at ensuring that it continues its stronghold over the country.






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