Incarcerated Prof.GN Saibaba ´s mother passed away 

GN Saibaba´s bail was rejected twice by Nagpur high court despite his multiple health complications.

GN Saibaba
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Prof. GN Saibaba´s mother passed away today while he is still in the Anda cell of Nagpur Central jail. She was suffering from Lymphoma cancer which had spread to her brain.

GN Saibaba´s brother G. Ramdev shared the news some hours ago. He said- It is with great sadness that am sharing the news that today afternoon at 1.40Pm my mother Gokarkonda Saraswati who was suffering from Cancer died in NIMS Hospital, Hyderabad. Sheas COVID-19 negative.

Saibaba’s mother G. Suryavathi has been in the hospital for nearly a week. Her condition is deteriorating fast and she wanted to see her son before she slipped into unconsciousness 4 days ago.

The friends and family of Saibaba, the wheelchair bound former DU professor now serving a life sentence, had hoped the courts would allow him permission to go visit his mother in Hyderabad. Saibaba’s wife was also hoping that the courts grant him bail so he can get the specialised medical treatment he urgently needs for his multiple, degenerative ailments.

GN Saibaba has applied for bail but it was rejected by the Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court.  The HC however has rejected the bail sought on health grounds, termed ‘suspension’ in case of convicted persons, for the second time. The bail rejection on Tuesday had shocked the family.

The court has stated that even “though the applicant suffers from various ailments, in the light of the fact that he has been kept in a separate high security cell and there is no contact/communication between the inmates of the wing in which he is kept with the inmates of the other wings, we do not find any ground made out to release the applicant on temporary bail due to outbreak of the pandemic. While arriving at this conclusion, we have kept in mind the nature of accusations against the applicant, his conviction by the Sessions Court and rejection of his application for suspension of sentence by this Court.”

GN SaiBaba´s wife Vasantha informed the media that they are arranging the final rites for his mother. GN Saibaba could not see his mother for the last time.

GN Saibaba had written this poem after he saw his mother on 14th November 2017.

Mother, Weep not for me by Saibaba in Nagpur Prison

When you came to see me
Mother, weep not for me
I couldn’t see your face
from the fiberglass window
If you glanced at my crippled body
you could truly believe that I am still alive
Mother, cry not for my absence at home
When I was at home
and the world
I had many friends
When I am incarcerated in this Prison’s
Anda cell
I have gained many more friends
Across the globe
Mother, despair not for my failing health
When you couldn’t afford a glass of milk
in my childhood
you fed me with your words
of strength and courage
At this time o pain and suffering
I am still strong with what you
had fed me
Mother, lose not your hope
I realised that jail is not death
it is my rebirth
and I will return home
to your lap that nurtured me
with hope and courage
Mother, fear not for my freedom
Tell the world
my freedom lost
is freedom gained for the multitudes
as everyone who comes to stand with me
take the cause of the wretched of the earth
wherein lies my freedom




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