In Delhi, Striking Health Workers boycott Vaccine Program

Health workers of MCD have not received wages for the last 4-5 months

Delhi Health Workers
Courtesy: Indian Express

Delhi: While the Modi government is rolling out vaccination programs for the whole country there are health workers who have been on protest since 7th January 2021 for nonpayment of wages for the last 4-5 months.

Indu Jamwal, convenor of the Federation of MCD Unions said- “The workers at Hindu Rao hospital and Rajan Babu Institute of Pulmonary Medicine were also joined by the ones at Kasturba Hospital a week ago. The nurses at Girdhari Lal Maternity Hospital are also likely to join soon”.

All the Municipal Bodies of Delhi have Mayors of BJP.

The First Phase of the COVID-19 Vaccination program by Central and State governments in India began on 16th January with the aim of vaccinating health workers, frontline workers, and subsequently senior citizens. This process started in Delhi as well. However, Satyendra Jain, Delhi Health Minister said on Thursday that considering these workers for organizing and participating in the vaccination would not be of any meaning since they are in strike and that once their demands are met their facilities could be used in subsequent phases.

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BJP-AAP Politics over the issue

North Delhi Mayor, Jai Prakash, has attacked the Kejriwal government for not making the MCD workers join the vaccination process. He claimed that MCD workers have been at the frontlines throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, be it in hospital, sanitisation, or in distributing ration. He has said that the Kejriwal government not just deliberately doesn’t want MCD workers to be getting credit, but they also don’t want them to get vaccines.

This article was originally published in Workers Unity and has been translated to English by Ananya Kumar.


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