Human Rights Lawyer Marcus Haintz Arrested amid Police violence during Berlin Protests

Markus was part of the demonstration against the stringent COVID19 prevention measures.

There have been large scale demonstrations against the strict measures taken by German authorities in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic. One such demonstration took place in the capital city of Berlin, Germany.

On Sunday the situation escalated shortly after the demonstration began Sunday. There have been riots during these demonstrations against the Corona restrictions in Berlin.

During this demonstration, Mr. Markus Haintz, a prominent and courageous human rights lawyer in Germany was brutally arrested by the Berlin police. His assistant, Frederike, was also brutally arrested.

Thousands of people had gathered on Alexanderplatz since the afternoon. Markus is a  member of the initiative “lateral thinking”.The arrest was filmed.

Video Screenshot – The lawyer Markus Haintz is taken away by the police © Thumbnail, / Eric Richard

The protesters marched from Alexanderplatz on Karl-Marx-Allee in the direction of Friedrichshain and shouted “We are here, we are loud because we are being robbed of our freedom” and “We are the people”. They carried protest banners, and some were out with drums and whistles. Families with children and the elderly are represented among the demonstrators.

The demo was registered for 2,500 people, the police estimate the number of demonstrators present at around 2,000. Lateral thinking calls to protest against the World Health Summit in Berlin.






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