How the midnight coup unfolded in Maharashtra?

It Pays to have BJP/RSS governers in states.

Maharashtra CM oath taking

Yesterday morning was not just shocking for Thackrey family but for many Indian citizens when the morning newspaper headline read Uddhav Thackrey to be the chief minister but television screens pronounce Devendra Fadnavis taking oath as CM.

In a dramatic turn of events, early morning President rule was lifted from Maharashtra and Devendra Fadnavis was made chief minister and NCP Ajit Pawar DY CM.

Let’s take a look at the events that unfolded which Sanjay Raut, Shiv Sena leader called “Sin committed in the dark of the night”.

Friday evening 6.30- BJP national secretary in charge of Maharashtra, Bhupendra Yadav reaches Mumbai to finalize deal with Ajit Pawar who had given signals that he is ready to align with them

Friday night 11.45- Ajit Pawar finalizes the deal with BJP to form government.

Friday night 11.55- Fadnavis speaks to the party, requests for swearing-in before ShivSena-Congress-NCP lay claim for government formation

Saturday 12.30 AM Governor Koshyari cancels his trip to Delhi

Saturday 2.10 AM Secretary to governor told to submit revocation order at 5.47 a, and arrange swearing in at 6.30 AM.

2.30 AM Secretary informs he will submit file within two hours, advises 7.30 AM for swearing in.

Saturday 5.30 AM Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar reach Raj Bhavan

Saturday 5.47 AM President rule revoked

Saturday 7.50 AM Governor begins swearing- in ceremony

Saturday 8.01 AM News breaks of Fadvanis and Ajit Pawar taking oath as CM and Dy CM.

Saturday 8.16 AM PM Modi congratulates new CM and Dy CM on twitter.

Saturday 9.27 Am Sharad Pawar tweets that Ajit Pawar’s move to support BJP is his personal decision, not NCP’s.

To wash off the midnight hijack allegations, Fadnavis tells Media, people gave us a clear mandate it was Shiv Sena that aligned with other parties, hence President rule was implemented in the state.

How was President rule revoked in Maharashtra?

Many in the opposition have questioned the revocation of President rule in the state at 6 AM.

Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad answered that it was done under Rule 12 of the Allocation of Business Rules 1961. The rule says the Prime Minister can take a call on the matter to “meet a situation of extreme urgency or unforeseen contingency”.

According to rules, the imposition or revocation of President’s Rule needs a go-ahead from the Union cabinet. But in this case, it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi who gave the green signal.

But nobody has been able to tell what were the extremely urgent circumstances that made PM Modi to use his special powers

Officials said under Rule 12, the Prime Minister has special powers to bypass the need for Union Cabinet’s recommendation for revocation President’s Rule in Maharashtra.

The rule also stipulates that to invoke it, the proposal should be accompanied by a “detailed justification clearly bringing out the urgency involved in the matter and the exceptional circumstances that require it to be processed under Rule 12”.


What’s next?

Since then NCP has sacked Ajit Pawar as its house leader but not expelled him from the party.

Seven of the 11 MLAs who had initially gone with Ajit Pawar have come back to NCP fold claiming innocence of Ajit Pawar’s ploy.

Now the questions ahead of BJP Ajit Pawar combine is how will they prove majority if most NCP’s MLA still pledges loyalty to NCP.

Meanwhile, Congress, NCP and Shiv Sena are ferrying their legislators to other states or to hotels with security outside to prevent poaching from BJP.

Fadnavis has to prove his majority by November 30.



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