HD Kumaraswamy appeals to Hindu youth not to fall prey to communal agenda of RSS

He also called CM Bommai mute spectators and a puppet in hands of RSS


At the time when there is growing pressure from rightwing elements to ban Muslims from doing trade near temples, Former Chief Minister and JD(S) leader, H. D. Kumaraswamy has severely criticized the BJP government for letting loose these elements that are hell-bent to create communal discord in the society.

Demanding the government to take stern action against such people and outfit. He demanded nobody should be spare no matter how much influential that person is. He also appealed to people to boycott those who are creating communal divide and spreading hatred in Karnataka in the name of religion.

Speaking to media persons, he expressed displeasure over the BJP government for remaining quiet even when so many activities taking place that are dangerous to the unity and harmony of the State.

“ Chief Minister, Basavaraj Bommai has become mute spectator after becoming a puppet in the hands of RSS”, he retorted.

Making it clear that the Chief Minister and Home Minister are not confined to any particular caste or community, he said that they are the protectors of every single citizen of the State. “ You cannot run the government by protecting only a group of people and not giving any protection to another. The Kannadigas will not tolerate it and they will throw such a government away”, he remarked.

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Referring to messages being circulated in social media by pro Hindu outfits that are calling for a ban on Muslims from doing trade near temples, Kumaraswamy advocated the need to find out which miscreants are doing it and who are behind such people. Those forces should be nipped in the bud. Even if MLAs and Ministers are involved in these acts, they too should not be spared. Common people should boycott them, he said.

Replying to the call given to prohibit Muslims from doing business in the State, he said that a systematic plan is being hatched in the State to brainwash youths. Some people are spreading the message that Hindus should buy materials only from Hindus shops. “ Where are they taking our country to?. They are destroying the social fabric of the State”, he asked.

Holding both the Congress and the BJP responsible for creation of such a terrible situation in Karnataka, he made fervent appeals  to Hindu youths not to get driven from the communal agenda which will only destroy their careers. “ Do not listen to those spoiling your brain for their dirty political gains. Do not allow peace and harmony of the State to go for a toss”, he asserted.

Accusing the BJP of taking Karnataka on a path of devastation, he wondered whether the government is existing in the State, if so, then what it is doing?

He asked when a person who spoke against the CM, was arrested, then why those people instigating communal violence are spared.

Criticizing Assembly speaker for raising the issue of reforms in elections, Kumaraswamy said that when the State is burning and communal hatred is becoming the order of the day, the speaker is talking about reforms in elections.

“ Actually, I had no interest in participating in the session, but I wanted to expose these communal bigots. For that reason I came here. These are important and critical issues which must be debated in the session, he remarked.


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May 2024


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