Haryana: Youth protest with cycle rallies ,Demand Secure jobs

Youth and student organisations came on streets in cycle rallies across districts in Haryana demanding jobs and better working conditions


The unemployment rate in India has reached a crisis level but it seems to be of least importance to the governments. Youth are getting frustrated by getting degrees and giving exams but no jobs, those who are in jobs are suffering from insecure work conditions. Youth have been protesting and demanding the creation of jobs, recruitment in government posts for a couple of years. 

To raise this issue, Student organisation, Chattra Ekta Manch organised a cycle rally in different districts of Haryana. Student communities have gone out in rallies in other states too for the same reason. The student community spread awareness about the rising unemployment in the country. 

The students talked about the government’s lack of interest in creating jobs.


It is the duty of the government to create jobs for the youth of the country but instead, they are not even filling the vacant government positions. According to government data, there are 23 lakhs job vacancies. The ruling party is not even talking about jobs for the hardworking unemployed public of this country. When the government says Atmanirbhar Bharat it actually means it has rid itself of the responsibility of job creation”.

Before coming to power BJP government promised to give 2 crore jobs but it was just a Jumla as Amit Shah also confirmed. The unemployment crisis has created a reserve army of Unemployeds that will serve as wage labour under this oppressive profit-making economic system. Until and unless the profit-making system is eliminated; there won’t be any improvement in the unemployment crisis. 

The association has made some demands to address the rising unemployment-

  1. People should get work according to their ability
  2. Fill the lakhs of vacancies in the government departments
  3. Unemployed people should get an unemployment benefit of 20000Rs until they get a job. 
  4. Contract system should be ended
  5. The application form for jobs should be free
  6. The days of work for MNREGA should be increased to 200days and the wage to be increased to Rs 800/-
  7. It is of paramount importance that the government takes back the three farm bills

The leader of Chatra Ekta Manch said the government bad policies are resulting in the crisis that the whole country is facing. Despite having vacant positions government is not recruiting the youth. PM Modi promised 2 crore jobs, but that was also a jumla. Due to all this youth are forced to come out on the streets. 

The students are planning to have a large movement in Sonipat on 20th Oct. and will continue their struggle until the government agrees to their demands. 

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June 2024


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