Gujarat: RTI Activist from a Dalit Community Hacked to Death by Miscreants of Upper Caste

The activist’s land was illegally occupied by few goons and the activist was fighting against them.

Image courtesy: Telegraph India

On March 3, 2021 in Sanodar village of Ghogha taluk of Bhavnagar district of Gujarat, a fifty years old RTI activist, Amrabhai Boricha, belonging to a Dalit community was hacked to death by the members of the so-called upper caste. The activist’s land was illegally occupied by few goona and the activist was fighting against them. The miscreants have also attacked the daughter of the activist who was requesting them not to kill him. According to the victim’s family, miscreants attacked Boricha with bricks, iron rods and knives. 

According to a report in the Indian Express Boricha’s daughter said, ‘they started pelting stones at our house. My father ran to take a shelter and they broke into the house and stopped him and attacked him with bricks, knives, and iron rods and killed him.’ 

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‘I and my father were standing outside. Fifty members of the Kshatriya castes drove past our house and were playing loud music. They returned after sometime and started pelting stones at our house. Though we have the police protection, they could get past it and attack us with weapons,’ explained Nirmala. 

Nirmala was wounded during the attack and she is now in the Sir Taktaasinghji General Hospital. Boricha was attacked earlier in 2013 and Nirmala has explained that her father’s leg was badly wounded in this attack.  

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