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The Delhi High Court on Wednesday (16th December) came to the rescue of an Interfaith Couple from Uttar Pradesh, who had moved the court seeking protection.

The couple was fearing threats, intimidation, and acute harassment at the hands of vigilante groups, vested interests and even the authorities.

The Bench of Justice Anu Malhotra was hearing the petition of a 21-year-old Hindu girl and a 25-year-old Muslim Boy who are actually from Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh. 

In the plea, it was stated that they met each other in coaching classes and fell in love, and thereafter, they decided to marry each other under the Special Marriage Act, 1954, out of their own free will and volition, without any intention of converting their respective religions.

It was also submitted that the girl’s parents did not approve of the alliance and were coercing her to marry a man approved by the family. They had also accused the parents of having tortured the girl- both physically and mentally to dissuade her from marrying the boy. They had also delivered physical threats to the couple warning them against the union.

Moving in Fear

On 11th December the couple left their parental homes together for Delhi. Then they approached the NGO Dhanak For Humanity seeking legal assistance, safety, and shelter since their lives were under threat.

They then proceeded to the Delhi High Court seeking further legal assistance for protection and to ensure further safety at home, and also to not impose on their wish to marry each other.

The Love Law of Hate 

The Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religious Ordinance, more colloquially known as the ‘Love Jihad Law’ has been spreading mass fear among consensual interfaith couples in UP.

So far the Law has been abused by officials to prevent any marriages between Hindu and Muslims, even if it might have been consensual. It has also been used to detain and imprison Muslim minorities who are falsely implicated in these cases.

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