Fatal Attack on Ex Student Leader at Allahabad Central University 

For the past several months, the students' are protesting around the issues of restoration of the student union and 40% fee hike.

Vivekanand Pathak, an alumnus of Allahabad University and UP Congress Secretary

Prayag Raj: Former Students who were trying to enter the campus of Allahabad Central University were fired upon by the security guards. The students have alleged that they were thrashed with sticks and iron rods. It is worth noting that for the past several months, the students’ protest is going on in the campus regarding the restoration of the student union and 40% fee hike.

The incident started when Vivekanand Pathak, an alumnus of Allahabad University and UP Congress Secretary, was attacked by the security guards. This led to students protests in which the security guards beat students badly and caused severe head injuries to many students. This led stone pelting by the protesting students. This is when the security guards of the university opened fire, in response to which the furious students ransacked the campus and pelted stones.

Former student of Allahabad University and Congress leader Vivekanand Pathak while speaking to Jan chowk told that he has an account in the bank located at Allahabad University campus. He was going to the bank to get his account KYC done.  Where on seeing him at the gate, a security guard Prabhakar Singh stopped him abusing him. According to Vivekanand Pathak, he told the said security guard that he was going to the campus bank for KYC. He was stopped by the security guard Prabhakar Singh who also abused him and brought 40-50 security guards with him and made a fatal attack on him. Vivekanand Pathak has alleged that this is being done at the behest of Allahabad University administration. Vivekanand Pathak further tells that the security guards had come with a conspiracy to kill him. He had an iron rod in his hands and directly hit his head causing the fatal head injuries.

Regarding the incident, eyewitness students say that the security guards of the university have fired dozens of rounds on the students in the presence of the inspector.

On the other hand, the student organization AISA has demanded action against the accused security guards, terming the murderous attack on the students by the security guards along with the Chief Proctor in Allahabad University as reprehensible. AISA has said that the students of Allahabad university will not tolerate this ill-intended attempt to suppress the ongoing agitation against the fee hike.

ACU AISA Secretary Manish Kumar has made a serious allegation on the Allahabad University administration, saying that the university administration is continuously and for no reason forcefully closing the university. He also accused the security guards are restricting the movement of students and are often harassing the students. Girls are not allowed to enter the university campus on Saturdays and Sundays. He further said that this kind of shameful attitude of the university administration towards the students has been there since the beginning.

Describing the incident as the result of dictatorial and arbitrary attitude the university administration, AISA representative Manish Kumar said that the security guards misbehaved with students for entering the university campus and attacked them causing serious injuries to students. He alleged that the Vice Chancellor wants to run the university with the might of bullet and boot, which the students here will never tolerate.

Congress worker Ankit Singh Babu has expressed anger over the incident and said that if the culprits are not punished then they will show the resistance in Lucknow.


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July 2024


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