Farmers resolute against Modi government Propaganda machinery

As the government is going on a PR overdrive to delegitimise the movement, farmers have also intensified their campaign.


Farmers protests at Delhi borders have entered their 20th day with both farmers and the Modi government in no mood to back down

As the government is going on a PR overdrive to delegitimise the movement, farmers have also intensified their campaign. There are also attempts to break the farmer organisations. Some farmer unions are meeting BJP leaders.

BJP PR overdrive

The Modi government instead of coming to a comprmise and hold further talks with the farmers has went alead with what it does best- Propaganda!

As BJP IT cell is making fake tweet and posts about farmers anad protesters being naxals., Khalistani and anti nationals, BJP ministers and leaders like Ravi Shankar Prasad and Piyush Goyal are from several platforms are put at the job to call the protesters anti nationals, Maoists and anarchists.

On a more sombre platfrom, everyone who has ever booked a ticket by IRCTC has recieved an ebooklet highlighting the harmony of Modi government with Sih community and Sikh religion.

Farmers organisations call to all states to get ready for a long struggle and intensify protests in their states

Massive rallies planned in major cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Patna, and others

In Delhi, the farmers observed a day-long hunger strike on Monday. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and several other Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders also joined the fast in solidarity but were subjected to criticism by Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh.

Further, protesters have blocked the Jaipur-Delhi Highway at the Shajahpur border. Farmers from Rajasthan and Harayana have been moving to Shajahpur to increase their strength and display solidarity.

Punjab farmers have begun sowing coriander, radish, carrot, and other crops on the highway dividers in the spirit of protecting the food sovereignty of the nation.

In Kolkata, protestors will hold a huge rally towards the governor’s house on 16 December. Patna farmers have planned a rally on 29 December.

In Mumbai, farmers have been marching in yesterday, 14 December, to hold a Dharna Andolan as the assembly session begins to demand laws that will negate the ill-effects of the Cental Farm Laws.

Toll Plazas blocked in all states; travelers have saved tens of crores in exploitative toll fee

Toll plazas have been blocked in all states, to prevent travelers from having to pay huge toll fees. In Maharashtra, Jharkhand, and Odisha, protestors have been agitating against all Reliance malls, shops, and petrol pmps.

Plans afoot for massive protests today; Govt. bears its fangs of repression and takes several leaders into preventive custody

BJP led governments have been detaining many leaders in an attempt to stop the protests. However, the AIKSCC has decided to continue to protests in larger numbers, regardless of any police blockades. The committee has condemned the Government’s attempts to curb protests and has declared it a failure of the government for not heeding to farmer’s voices.

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The Modi Government has not shown any signs of withdrawing the hastily passed Farm Bills that have no mention of the MSP, along with various other issues. The Prime Minister has been majorly silent, but insists that the bills are beneficial to the farmers while also accusing the opposition of misleading the farmers.

Punjab-Haryana farmers, along with all other state farmers are planning for a prolonged struggle and refuse to give in to the Government’s bullying and diversionary tactics that are being upheld for Corporate Interests instead of farmer interests.

For a more democratic setup, AIKSCC has also decided to do away with the convener position and have a working committee.

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