Farmers Protest at Mysore: Over 150 Arrested, 1 Injured

Farmers hit the streets along with cattle and pets at eight locations attempting to block entry to Mysore, on the most important day of Dasara Festivities


Mysore: Police resorted to lathi charge near VC Farm Gate in Mandya enroute Mysore after farmers from the region had hit the streets protesting against the anti-farmer policies adopted by the BJP Government in the state of Karnataka.

The farmers along with their cattle and pets had hit the streets at eight different locations attempting to block entry to the ‘Cultural City’ Mysore on the most important day of Dasara Festivities which is marked by the world-famous Jamboo Savari (Elephant Procession). The incident has been reported from one such blockade at VC Farm Gate near Mandya where 150 farmers have been arrested and 1 farmer was left seriously injured.

Demands of the Farmers

The farmers had hit the streets upon the call of Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha (KRRS), against the indifference of the chief minister Basavaraja Bommai towards farmers’ issues. While the farmers had placed before the government a 22-point demand charter, the major demands included:

  • The price for a tonne of sugarcane be set at Rs. 4500 alongside
  • Declaration of the Agricultural Support Programme
  • Permanent stopping of Illegal mining around Krishna Raja Sagar (KRS) dam and
  • Repeal of amendment to Karnataka Electricity Act

The farmers’ outfit had planned to have the roadblocks at eight different entry points to the city of Mysore including Mandya, Maddur, Malavalli, T. Narasipura, Ilwala, Nanjanagudu, Srirangapatna, and KR Pete. It was also reported that the state had heightened the security late at night by resorting to heavy police deployment across the city.

Speaking to the media, Madhuchandan SC, President of Mandya District Milk Producers’ Struggle Committee and Founder of Organic Mandya stated, “The Government had to listen to the issues faced by the farmers and address them. However, it has resorted to quelling our voices. However, we, the annadatas will not back off. If a fair price is not provided for our products, a huge struggle will have to be waged and the government will have to face the consequences”.


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