Farmers Organisations Celebrate Save Constitution Day on Ambedkar Jayanti

The Dalit organizations of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh decided to further strengthen the farmers' dharnas by reaching the tikri border.


Yesterday Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s birth anniversary was celebrated as Save Constitution Day on the nationwide call of the SKM.

The labourers, farmers, and other working class of the country were deeply exploited under colonial rule. The constitution was framed in the form of a social revolution to change that system. There are many provisions in the constitution for equality, justice and progress on which governments have been continuously attacking.

Farmer leaders said that the present government and the RSS BJP are manipulating and destroying the constitution in the name of reforms. This pattern is dangerous for both the economy and society.

Agriculture is a state subject, it is definitely an unconstitutional step that the union government is making a law on it. At the same time, BJP RSS taking over various institutions is a threat to the future of India. People have been opposing these anti-constitutional forces in an earlier time as well. The present farmers’ movement has not only tried to save the constitution but it is another effort to fight for strong implementation of the constitution.

Farmers and Labors will strongly support democratic rights and rule of law

Today, Kisan Bahujan Unity Day was also celebrated. Speaking on the stage, the leaders said that three agricultural laws were introduced by the central government at the time of the Corona epidemic without any dialogue, consultation, and demand. The marketing system and proper MSP are the biggest freedom for farmers. In the same way, the minimum wage and respectful work of the workers protect them from exploitation. At present, both of the sections have been targeted by the Central Government. Farmers and labourers are also united against the corporate-government nexus. The government is implementing a policy of “divide and rule” by dividing the working class among several castes. Not only the Essential Commodities Amendment Act but the other two farm laws will affect the economy of Dalit Bahujans broadly. Today labourers and farmers understand this well and they are fighting unitedly against these policies.

The Dalit organizations of Haryana decided to further strengthen the farmers’ dharnas by reaching the tikri border. Progressive leader Chandrashekhar Azad reached the Ghazipur border and Singhu border and extended solidarity to this movement and given a call for a common fight. Workers of Punjab NREGA Mazdoor Association had large participation on the Singhu border.

Ambedkar Believed That Fraternity is at the Root of Democracy


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