Farmers on 24 hour Relay Hunger Strike at all Protest Sites

Farmers have decided to sit on a day-long relay hunger strike from 21st December 2020 at the Delhi borders with Harayana and Uttar Pradesh.

Credits: The Indian Express

As the dialogue between farmers and government enters a stalemate against the three farm bills, farmers have now decided to sit on a day-long relay hunger strike from today, 21st December 2020 at the Delhi borders with Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

“Everyday 11 farmers will sit on hunger strike for 24 hours,” said Balwant Singh, Secretary, BKU (Bharatiya Kisan Union) Punjab to ANI.

This move is in the aim of conveying to the government the failure of its past five attempts to negotiate.

On Sunday the Union Agriculture Ministry Joint Secretary Vivek Aggarwal had written an open letter to the farmers urging them to work with the government and arrive at a solution, and to convey their remaining concerns. However, the farmers are staying strong about their decision- the laws must be repealed.

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Where is PM Modi? 

While the farmers were protesting across the country and at Delhi borders, instead of meeting them, PM Modi is doing gurudwara visits to show his concern for the Sikh followers. Yesterday, Prime Minister conducted a surprise visit to Gurudwara Rakabganj in Delhi. The visit was to pay respects a day after the death anniversary of Guru Tegh Bahadur.

On 27th December, the PM plans to convince the farmers about the benefits of the Farm Bills through his show ‘Mann Ki Baat‘, however, the farmers have decided that they will bang plates when the show is broadcast, refusing to listen to what he has to say.

“On December 27 when the Prime Minister gives his Mann Ki Baat radio address, farmers will say ‘we are tired of listening to your Mann ki Baat, when will you listen to our Mann ki Baat?’ So we will bang utensils so that the noise of his Mann ki Baat doesn’t reach us,” Swaraj India’s Yogendra Yadav said.

Protests in Karnataka, Maharashtra, and West Bengal

The farmer protests in Delhi seem to be inspiring more farmer groups every day, as more groups set out to join them at the Delhi borders.

At 3:00 PM today, Farmers in Maharashtra have begun a vehicle march from Nashik to Delhi to join those protesting for the past three weeks. They are doing this march of 1,300 kilometers to counter the Government’s “propaganda” that only Farmers from Punjab and Harayana are affected by the three bills.

In Karnataka too, farmers have planned an indefinite protest beginning today against the three Farm bills.

Yesterday, farmers paid tribute to the farmers martyred during the march to Delhi. The farmers had held a prayer meeting to observe ‘Shradhanjali Diwas’ on Sunday to pay respects to the farmers who have been martyred due to the protests.

Farmers Request To Citizens

On December 23rd, which is celebrated as Kisan Diwas (Farmer’s Day) in India, Farmer Union Leaders have requested all those who are sympathetic to the cause of the farmer protests to skip one meal.

Rakesh Tikait, leader of Bharatiya Kisan Union Tikait (BKU) faction in Uttar Pradesh, said, “On this Kisan Diwas, farmers across the country will skip a meal. Those who provide food to the nation will stay hungry because of the government’s anti farmers stance. I request everyone not to cook lunch that day and join the farmers.”


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