Farmers movement is a National Movement: Over 150 social activists from South India to join farmers at Delhi Borders

The farmers' movement has become a national movement and south India stands together with farmers from north India in this struggle.


The farmer movement in India is getting the support of thousands of organizations around the world.

Even as the Indian government tries to paint it as an issue of only the Punjab state the support from other states of the country has been huge.

As the farmers protests enter the 88th day, a large number of farmers from the Southern part of India have already been at Delhi’s borders to support the protesting farmers.

Now a delegation of over 150 social activists and leaders from South India who are now actively involved in farmers’ struggles are going to Delhi to be part of the farmers’ struggle.

In South India, too, there have been protests and dharnas against agrarian laws, and many social organisations and groups in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana have been to part of the struggle in their states and at Delhi borders in the last two months.

Now this delegation will be in Delhi on 23rd Feb to convey the message of unity and solidarity with the ongoing farmers’ struggles.

The team has 64 people from Karnataka, 28 from various organizations in Andhra Pradesh, 30 from Telangana, and 8 from Tamil Nadu. Many more will join the team after February 23rd.

While speaking to gaurilankeshnews team, student activist from karnataka vidyarthi sangathne who is also part of the team said-

Farmers struggle has become a national movement. These farm laws are not in the interest of farmers. The farmers are fighting for whatever little they have. If there are no farmers, there is no food. Farmers at Delhi borders and everywhere in the country are fighting for all of us. Governement must accept the just demands of the farmers. We are in this together, north-south, east-west, we are united in our struggle. 

southKarnataka Janashakti a social organization has played a big role in ensuring that a large number of activists and farmer leaders be a part of the delegation. Karnataka Janashakthi activists will leave Bangalore today and join Delhi on February 23. The team will reach the Singhu border on the day momentous day of Pagadi Sambhal on February 23rd. Tikri Border on February 24, Shahjahanpur border on February 25, and Gazipur on February 26 will join the protest. They will be back to Singhu on 27th Feb.

This initiative from South India is part of the coordinated efforts to resist the continuous onslaught on people’s rights. Protests against farm laws are happening all over the country.

The team is planning to carry posters and banners with it and start the campaign on awareness of the farmers’ struggle while on their way.

Posters would be stuck in prominent places and leaflets will be distributed. The idea is to motivate through our common united message of struggle and solidarity.

The joint effort of north and south India makes it a national movement.


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