In Rajasthan, BJP Parliamentarian could not join a meeting fearing farmers’ ire

In Rajasthan’s Hanumangarh, it was the turn of BJP Parliamentarian Mr Nihal Chand to run away from people and their concern for accountability from leaders. Farmers had gathered in large numbers to ask some tough questions to the MP. However, he did not even turn up fearing the ire of farmers. The farmers’ movement is clearly not restricted to just Punjab, as many allege baselessly.

BJP leader Vijay Sampla was also gheraoed and opposed in Phagwara, Punjab yesterday.

From the time that the Government of India brought in three central farm laws undemocratically in the form of Ordinances, farmers have been protesting against the laws.

Farmers have also protested against those parties and leaders who extended their support to these anti-farmer laws and defended such laws.

On SKM’s call, farmers have also resorted to the social boycott of leaders of BJP and its allies. Based on political moral grounds, farmers have compelled many leaders to end their support and relationship with BJP and allies, explicitly state, and come forward to support the farmers’ agitation. Such instances exist of leaders across regions and states.

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There are some who spoke out in support of the farmers’ struggle even while being associated with the BJP. Some are afraid of the Centre deploying central agencies after them if they support the struggle. It has been seen time and again that the Centre has used intimidation tactics against supporters of the struggle. Against this backdrop, Samyukt Kisan Morcha once again puts out a call to leaders associated with BJP and its allies to give up their current posts, dissociate themselves from anti-farmer parties, and step forward to support the farmers’ struggle.

The farmers’ movement has not been limited to agreement or disagreement related to farm “reforms” and policy decisions thereby. It is much more than that. It is about basic human rights and entitlements of farmers and being sensitive towards the same. Instead of seeing this as farmers’ obstinacy, it should be seen as a fight for social justice and equity. We ask BJP leaders to adopt this perspective, be sensitive towards the farmers’ struggle and resign from their posts.

We received reports that yesterday’s protests also took place in Sikar, Jhunjhunu and Udaipur of Rajasthan, Satna in Madhya Pradesh, Hyderabad of Telangana, Patna (Masaurhi), Muzaffarpur, Bhojpur, Nalanda, Vaishali and Darbhanga in Bihar, Jalaun, Agra in Uttar Pradesh and Rewari and Palwal of Haryana.


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February 2024



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